Step by step guide to create stories on Oh, That's You!
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Tutorial Guide On How To Build a Curated Story
In the next few slides we will show you how to... Create collections to house the social media content you find around the web Different methods to add social media content to your Read more
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What Are Collections?
For each story you may create several collections to organize, analyze and make sense of your findings. Once all the content has been synthasized you may house the final story in any one of the Read more
OTYBlog This is how you add a new collection
Edit items with your own commentary
Whether the media in your story is your own, was found on OTY, or was collection elsewhere on the Web, you should give the item some context by providing your own commentary.
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Step 1: How To Add Content To Your Collection
While surfing the web, you might find a nugget of information that might prove useful for your curated piece, there are 2 ways you can add the content to one of your collection for future use. Read more
OTYBlog Add interactive media using the Style Wall tools
Add It Button
Install the Add It Button to collect valuable content need for your curated articles and stories.