Simple DIY Nail Art
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Graphic Nails
Step 1
Paint your nails a light base color. I used Aston by Butter London.
Steps 2-5
Step 1 : Cut a triangle out of scotch tape and place on nail bed. Step 2 : Paint the right side of the triangle black. Step 3: Paint the left side of the triangle red. Step 4: Peel off Read more
Step 6-9
Step 6: Wait for your nails to dry completely. Place a piece of tape diagonally over the black corner of your nail.  Step 7: Place another piece of tape parallel to the one placed in step Read more
Steps 10-12
Step 10: Wait for your nails to completely dry. Just as in steps 6 and 7, place two parallel pieces of tape on your nail. Just this time cover your red (left hand) side. Step 11: Paint over Read more