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Painted Package #2
Painted Presents 2
Painted Presents 1
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Painted Packages
Calliperez 1) Wrap your package in brown paper (such as a grocery bag) Read More 2) Paint on a holiday design on the left hand side (I went for christmas trees and hearts) 3) Paint a personalized message on the right hand side 4) Tie on a pretty bow and viola!
Rodarte Wrapping Paper
Giftwrap Inspiration
Giftwrap Inspiration
Giftwrap Inspiration
Giftwrap Inspiration
Giftwrap Inspiration
Giftwrap Inspiration
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Giftwrap 2 Steps 1
Calliperez What You'll Need: A Magazine (W is a great one bc of its size) | Scissors | Yarn | A Newspaper | Index Card | Tape
Calliperez Step 1: Pick your favorite spreads and tear them out of your magazines. Wrap your presents with them.
Calliperez Step 2: Wrap your other present in newspaper. Choose a section that is relevant to who you are giving your gift to. (For example my dad likes sports, so I wrapped his in the sports section)
Calliperez Step 3: Cut hearts out of index cards. (Other ideas: christmas trees, stars, candy canes...)
Calliperez Step 4: Draw and cut out hearts (or whatever shape you desire) from a different magazine spread and newspaper page that are about a cm. larger than your index card hearts.
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Giftwrap 2 Steps 2
Calliperez Step 5: Tape your index hearts to the magazine and newspaper hearts.
Calliperez Step 6: Write your personal messages in the hearts.
Calliperez Step 7: Cut equal parts of your yarn. I cut about 16 inches worth.
Calliperez Step 8: Loop a single length of yarn to form an equal number of loops on each side of a middle portion. This creates a bow shape.
Calliperez Step 9: Place your loops on top of another piece of green and white yarn.
Calliperez Step 10: Tie the yarn over your loops in a knot, securing a bow. Create another for your magazine presents. I made an all white bow with green tie for that one.
Calliperez Step 11: Tie your first bow around your newspaper present.
Calliperez Step 12: For a gift with two packages, place tape between them. I like to off center mine.
Calliperez Step 13: Tie your second bow around your magazine presents.
Calliperez Step 14: Tape your hearts onto the package.
Giftwrap 2 Finished Product
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Giftwrap 1 Steps 1
Calliperez What You'll Need: Green Tulle | Brown Paper Bag | Red Ribbon | Pine Cone Decoration (I bought at Joann's for a few cents) | Tape | Scissors | Index Card | Hot Glue Gun
Calliperez Step 1: Cut open your brown bag, so it is one flat piece of paper. Cut of the handles as well.
Calliperez Step 2: Wrap your present in the brown paper.
Calliperez Step 3: Double up your green tulle. Begin to wrap it around your present. Tape down the first side.
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Giftwrap 1 Steps 2
Calliperez Step 4: Fabric takes to hot glue better than tape, so glue down the second side. Press down with your fingers once it has cooled.
Calliperez Step 5: Finish wrapping your present in the tulle, using your hot glue as adhesive.
Calliperez Step 6: Glue down your Pine Cone Decoration.
Calliperez Step 7: Tie your red ribbon around your present.