Spellbinding Works of Art & halcyonic, Sun Drenched Days of Old
The Founders: Indhra Chagoury & Jeremy Somers

How did We Are Handsome start?
Our story is funny because it was, well, as overnight as it gets. Firstly we created one piece and showed it to family. The response was amazing so we got some friends together, did a shoot, made a website and sent it to some of our people. Literally by the end of the following week we had some of the best boutiques knocking on our door and the press and publicity started snowballing. We decided to roll with it and see where it would take us, and now, just over a year later we're sold in dozens of countries from Dubai and Iceland to Italy and Indonesia, in some of the world’s most prestigious stores alongside the world’s best luxury brands. It's a little crazy – well, maybe more than a little!

What do each of you bring to the label?
We both have very different backgrounds – Indhra studied business and ran her own swim label for a few years; I studied photography and design. It's excellent that we have a breadth of experience – it means we both have different perspectives and ideas on every facet of the business. The experiences each of us had growing up – one on the beach; the other in the city, really helps us to look at all angles. It has also shaped who we are and means that each piece has a snippet of one of our personalities.

Where do you get inspiration? How do you create your prints?
After we conceptualise something we'll find source imagery and inspiration for the piece. This comes from a myriad of sources – as inspiration usually does.To create our prints, most of our stuff is stitched together from stock photography and stuff we shoot. First we'll put the image together roughly on a small scale to make sure the composition works, then we make sure our colours are what we want and that it's something that fits within the collection, both with subject matter and style. If we're happy, then we'll go about creating the final image which can take days or longer. Making a whole bunch of different photos look like they’re part of the same image takes a lot of time but in the end they're so worth it.

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