So now that the election is over (whew), I’m back with all of the in’s and out’s of living in the nation’s capital. Whether it’s the latest fashion trend or a hole-in-the-wall restaurant I’m bringing to light, best believe I’ll find it. Continue on to see what I’m discovering in our last month of 2012, and if that excites you (or you just want to catch more of my quirky style thoughts) check out my ever-growing collection of the fast-paced D.C. in my collection on Oh That’s You.

December Guide To The Capital
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Style_Jay93Partake? Now that the weather is cold, head down to Pentagon Row to enjoy some ice skating.
Style_Jay93Inspiration? Rihanna this month has been everywhere, and we are LOVING her new album.
Style_Jay93Wear? Time to get out the party holiday outfits people. It’s time to party right, the D.C. way.
Style_Jay93Taste? Try the best pizza in the city. It’ll have you asking when’s the next time you come visit the capital? :)
Style_Jay93Shop? There’s an amazing place called “It’s Vintage Darling” founded right here in D.C. that has amazing vintage finds at a fraction of what you’d pay at a retail store.

Rebecca is definitely the type of girl who can pull together an insanely chic outfit with her eyes closed. Don’t believe us? Just check out her blog - it’s chock-full of all the fashion inspiration you’ve ever been looking for. And speaking of, her November guide to England’s Midlands is making us want to hop a plane ourselves for some stylish time across the pond. Read on for her guide to living stylishly this month and check out her collection on OTY for even more!

The Midlands November Guide
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rebeccalouiseSHOP – The Exchange Shopping Arcade isn’t only a feast for your fashion senses it’s also a feast for your architectural eye too. The designer shops and glamorous boutiques are all houses within Nottingham’s historic Council House.
rebeccalouisePARTAKE – The one event I know I’ll definitely be attending this month is the Forest Recreation Ground it’s guaranteed to be fun for anyone that attends. Think a fairground, food stalls, numerous firework displays and even a bonfire.
rebeccalouiseINSPIRED – I’ve recently become a bit addicted with The Lumineers and their latest album. Their mix of folk and rock isn’t usually something that I’d normally listen too but it’s definitely going to be my soundtrack this month.
rebeccalouiseWEAR – Leather jackets, slouchy jumpers and distressed jeans are my essentials for keeping warm this November.
rebeccalouiseTASTE – Take a break from shopping to visit Thea Caffea. A pot of delicious English Tea and a slice of their cake of the day will have your mid shopping batteries recharging quicker than you can say “Where’s the next sale?”.

This November, we’re starting a new tradition here at Oh That’s You to go along with the launch of our revamped site, of course. Taking advantage of our global presence (from New York to LA, London and Malaysia) our editors will be putting together their own local style guides at the start of each month including everything from where to shop, what to eat and how to stay inspired – all around the world. Today we’re kicking it off with our DIY expert and quintessential West Coast girl, Calli, as she tells us all about her hidden secrets in Long Beach.

And if you’re digging Calli’s vibe, be sure to keep up with her guide of all things California cool on OTY.

November Guide
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CalliperezSHOP: Blue Windows 5276 2nd Street, Long Beach
CalliperezThis boutique is one of my favorites. It sells a range of goods including home decor, jewelry (antique and new), clothing (mainly Free People), candles, cards and more. A lot of the items are created by local artists and designers.
CalliperezPARTAKE: Mumford and Sons at the Hollywood Bowl, Monday November 12 at 7 p.m.
CalliperezINSPIRED: Beautiful Ruins, by Jess Walter
I have been having trouble finding a good read lately and this book was a breath of fresh air.
CalliperezImpeccably written, this gem flashes back and foreword from 1962 on the Italian coast to present day Hollywood, California. The novel follows a variety of characters and tackles issues of love, life and cutthroat Hollwood.
CalliperezWear: For a night out in Los Angeles (dinner, dancing, catching a show, etc)
Check out my outfit collage:
CalliperezTASTE: Portolio Cafe, 4th Street, Long Beach
Best caprese panini in town. Pair it with their double cappuccino. delicious.

With August winding down and September well on its way, one of our favorite long weekends is finally within reach: Labor Day. This national holiday conveniently comes when we are all in need of some serious R&R – because whether you’re snatching up school supplies or sending out your resume, your foray into fall brings a whole new set of to-do lists. Just like you, we editors need a little vacation of our own. Take a look at what the OTY ladies are packing for their weekend get-a-ways, and maybe steal some last minute style inspiration before jetting off on your much-needed vacation.

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When I came home from Howard University this summer, the last thing I expected was a ticket to Los Angeles! Being a fast paced East Coast girl, I couldn’t wait to touch down on West Coast land. Trust me, there’s no better (or different) place than Los Angeles if your’e looking for a change of scenery from the hustle and bustle of city life, a new vacation spot where it seems everyone is happy, or if you’re just hoping to run into a celebrity. There’s plenty to do and see, even on a college girl budget.
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Welcome to the 2012 Style Olympics, where each OTY contributor is weighing in on fashion in their hometowns and how it has effected their personal style. Don’t forget to stay tuned for more Style Olympics this week!

Growing up in Malaysia, I’ve been surrounded by luscious rainforests, scenic beaches and historical landmarks. In a country where every day is summer, it’s easy to forgo a sense of style and slip into whatever feels most comfortable.

But instead of sticking to a standard uniform like cut-off shorts, tank tops and flip flops, I like experimenting with different textures. I’m constantly inspired by the diversity and culture in Malaysia, which I often try to translate into my wardrobe. Malaysia, comprised of over 28 million people, is a multiracial country namely of Chinese, Indian and Malay descent. Malaysia is also home to a number of indigenous tribes, who mostly live in my hometown – a little city called Kuching located in Borneo, the third largest island in the world.

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Travel Diary: Bangkok, Thailand

Sawadeeka! For all of you non-Thai speaking folks, that’s “hello” in English. Bangkok, we’ve seen it depicted as a buzzing, culture-filled city (with dangerous, thrilling events thanks to The Hangover 2) but for those who have yet to travel to this amazing metropolis, it can also be the ultimate vacation destination for you and the girls! Here’s why:

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Forget spring break! You’ve been deceived by this year’s winter and you’re looking for a real winter wonderland to finally hit the slopes. Be it Aspen or Colorado –here’s what you need to ensure you’ll be skiing with style.

Spring break: Ski Vacation
Spring break: Ski Vacation
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By lilianchan89

A down jacket is your safest bet to stay warm. But steer clear from a white down jacket, which is actually one of designer Michael Kors’ fashion don’ts. After all, who wants to blend in (and put on imaginary pounds) with an all-white down jacket when you can make a fashion statement? Since you’ll probably spend most time in your outerwear, ‘tis the time to stand out with colors. A bright turquoise jacket paired with a yellow beanie will make you the cutest ski bunny in town. Top it off with a hint of pink from these Betsey Johnson sunglasses and the DVF tote. Be sure to not overdo it by keeping the rest of your accessories neutral: black boots and gloves will give the outfit balance. Read More


Travel Diary: Indonesia

Greetings from the other side of the world! For the past month, I have been living in Indonesia, a beautiful Southeast Asian country made up of about 17,000 different islands. My main stomping ground has been the capital city, Jakarta, a bustling metropolis that is packed with even more people than my beloved hometown (New York City). With that being said, the city is swarming with fashion forward women whose personal styles balances both traditional and modern elements. Read on for a diary of my favorite spots in Jakarta along with the stylish people I found there!
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Going Somewhere? Where Style Meets Comfort

Going Somewhere
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By OTYBlog | Photo: Vogue Italia

Have you ever sat next to an elderly passenger on an airplane? Dressed up in their, “Sunday best” they glance down at your UGG boots and up to the messy bun that is your hair with a sweet, yet slightly disapproving smile. Quickly you learn that traveling is not quite what it used to be. Once upon a time, taking a trip somewhere was an occasion in itself. There was giltz and glamour involved back then, something that comfort and grunge diminished over the years.

The concept of dressing down while traveling is a understandable phenomenon, truly. Anyone who has endured something in the sorts of a seven hour car drive up the coast of California, or a 22 hour redeye from LAX to Pisa will tell you, “Comfort is everything.”

Even with this understanding, I can’t help but look at the golden days of travelers’ past and admire their effort, their enthusiasm, and their style. As nice as it is to be cozy on a trip, it would also be nice to arrive ready to explore your destination. Besides, you never know who you are going to meet. Love connection in the terminal anyone?  So, is it possible to be comfortable when on the go, without completely letting ourselves go?

I have come to find that luckily, even in fashion, there is always a common ground. To reach this median of style and comfort, look to these helpful tips:
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