Super-Power Sunscreens

As we move into the latter part of May and get to enjoy more and more sunshine, we know that the days of endless sun and clear blue skies will soon be here. With the change in weather, it is time to update your skincare and make up routine.

We should be wearing SPF products all year around but it’s easy to forget about them in the frigid, snowy months of winter (I am guilty of it myself!) In the warmer months, it is critical that SPF protection is a key element in everyone’s skincare regime, whether you’re a makeup junkie or bare-faced beauty.  With the multitude of products now containing SPF, there is no reason to go unprotected, regardless of the weather.  I’ve rounded up my personal picks of super-power sunscreens —multi-purpose products that do more than just protect you from the harmful rays, so there’s no excuse not to incorporate them in your daily routine!
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