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Make: Grilled Asparagus Tartines with Fresh Ricotta, Pesto & Scallions
Whether or not your an avid host, once the snow starts falling and the lights start glittering it’s tempting to throw your own soiree. The first and most obvious question – what to serve? All I have to say is thank god for these magical asparagus tartines. So fresh. So creamy. And most importantly, so easy to assemble. So light a fire, put on some music and bring out a tray of these suckers. Your guests will hardly know what hit ‘um.

Paint: Holiday Nail Art
Since it’s the season of giving and all, OTY has decided to get in on the action with our first ever(!) beauty giveaway. It’s simple – send your most festive nail art creations to our Instagram account, @OTYgrams, with the hastag #OTYnailed it. Once you’ve submitted your photo, you will be entered to win our fabulous prize: a Sephora by OPI, Tinsel Town Collector’s Set. Check our collection to see how OTY’s very own Experts are stacking up to the challenge.

I’ll be frank – finding a holiday frock when you’ve got an impending deadline can be less than fun. The annual office party, meeting his or her parents, entertaining your crazy (god love them) family – the events this month are endless. So before you’re caught without something fabulous in your closet, why not start shopping? I love love love thisilk green number with a pair of black leather ankle boots. It’s perfect for mingling with your coworkers, and throw on a red lip and some sparkly shoes and BAM – you’re ready for the mistletoe . Plus, what screams “cheer” louder than Kate Spade? Her fragrance, Twirl, is equally as bubbly as the champagne you will (hopefully) be sipping. Click on the collage above for more details.

Watch: Playing for Keeps
When I head to the theater this holiday season, I’m looking for award-winning performances, mind-blowing special effects…and a little eye candy. While I can’t see Gerard Butler’s newest flick, Playing for Keeps, sweeping the Oscars, I will admit to enjoying watching this undeniable hunk kick around a soccer ball. What’s wrong with a little light-hearted fun at the movies, anyway? They can’t all be Lincoln – and hey, we wouldn’t want them to be.


Halloween Nail Art

Happy almost Halloween guys and gals! To commemorate tomorrow’s festivities, we at Oh That’s You! thought a spooky nail tutorial would do just the trick (or treat). Whether you absolutely adore the holiday or would rather be caught dead than in costume, these nail art creations are for you as they add just the right hint of fun without going overboard.

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Spring 2013 Runway Trends For Everyday

Let’s face it – it’s hard keeping up with the times. Now that our four favorite weeks of fashion have come to a close, we can finally sit back and reflect on the looks we’ve loved and can’t wait to try. But after dozens of runway shows and countless models marching down the catwalk, there are more than a few trends that stand out. Some designers chose subtlety, while others opted for attention-grabbing shades of color. Some stripped their models down, while other added volume and depth. Below are my three favorite trends to take from the runway to real life this coming spring. Click on the collages or check out my collection for info on where to find more runway inspiration.

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Award-Worthy Nail Art: Emmy Edition

So – we’ve already given you the rundown of our favorite fashion and beauty moments from the Primetime Emmys, but this year’s red carpet broadcast added a little something extra to the usual flurry of lust-worthy gowns and Louboutins. Enter “The Mani Cam.” Thanks to E!, we were given a close up of our favorite celebs fingertips. While some starts opted for the classics (shout out to OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark!), others chose to have a little more fun. For this Emmy edition nail art tutorial, we chose to spotlight two of our favorite designs: Zooey Deschanel’s TV thumbs and Julianne Hough’s glittery tips. Follow our editor Calli’s list of simple steps, and you’ll have award-worthy nails in no time.

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Here at OTY! we are not rookies when it comes to polish play. Our nail beds have been spotted, dotted and glittered galore. Although I’d like to keep the radical nail looks coming as much as I’d love for summer to never end, I thought we’d start this fall out with more subtle looks (for now, at least). By subtle, I mean creations that even our most mature readers will want to wear. These nails are sophisticated enough for work or an elegant event, and mild enough to not clash with one’s outfit. Inspired by the minimal looks seen in fall runway collections like Rebecca Minkoff and Emerson, these two tutorials were created to get everyone on board of the nail art train.

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How to Wear it: Ombre Beauty

Ombre is one trend that’s evolved over the past couple of seasons, from clothes, to hair, to nails and now even our lips. The term ‘ombre’ is from the french word meaning shaded or shading, and has been used to describe the trend where colours fade from one to another, or gradually fade from light to dark.

Being the type of girl who likes to try different and new beauty trends, I have had a lot of fun experimenting with this trend. I’ve always been a huge fan of nail art, and ombre nails are such an easy alternative. I’ve also recently experimented with an ombre lip, and although I’ve not had the guts to wear this trend out during the day, it’s definitely something I plan to try next time I’m going out for cocktails with the girls.  The ombre trend can be worn no matter what your age – here’s how to get the look: Read More


Going for the Gold Nail Polish Tutorial

I love an Olympic summer. It is so wonderful to see people from all over the world join together and compete for their country. The Olympics is the meshing together of global cultures at its finest, which is something that we can relate to and appreciate at Oh That’s You, as our fashion and beauty contributors come from all over the world.

The great aspect of the 2012 summer games is that it is taking place in London (another thing I love). England’s capital is truly such a charming city. Upon my visit there, the cobblestone streets, vintage flea markets, museums and pubs all had me at hello. Sadly, I will not be joining in the British festivities this summer, but I can only imagine the grand time that will be had from opening ceremony to close.

I will be watching the games with my fellow Southern Californians, as there will be several athletes and coaches competing in the 2012 games from my hometown, Long Beach, California (six attended my high school alone. Go Bruins!).  I intend to show my pride the best way I know how, by sporting some patriotic nail art. On the other hand, if you’re interested in supporting the home of the summer 2012 Olympic Games, look no further.
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Nail Tutorial: Patriotic Polish

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By Calliperez

The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and you know what that means – time for beach days, barbecues and of course, patriotic polish! I’ve always been a fan of this warm-weather holiday, and I firmly believe you can show the U.S. of A some love without overdoing it. For a more sophisticated take on nationalistic nails, I created a tutorial that features nail art solely on your ring finger. By following our easy ten-step tutorial, you’ll be looking festive and fashionable just in time for July Fourth. If you’re looking for an extra fun patriotic pop, don’t be afraid to add a daring red lip.

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Slanted Summer Nails

Summertime just screams trendy nails. Maybe it’s the playfulness of the season or the reintroduction of open-toed shoes, but bold and bright nails have always been a summer staple.

Lately, I have been intrigued by geometric nail art. However, too many lines and shapes can cause a pattern overload on your nail beds. I find this diagonal nail art tutorial to be creative without overdoing it, and very simple to create. For those ladies who have polish restrictions in their professional lives or are just easing into the world of nail art, rather than a full set of nails, apply the design to just one finger (such as your ring finger) and leave the rest solid.
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Spring Nails: 1920′s

Can you hear them roar? The 1920s reappeared on the runways for Spring 2012, proving once again that the Fitzgerald era had it right. In the time of speakeasys and flapper disobedience, glitzy sequins and intricate beading set the scene, and now have become the prefect inspiration for a set of spring nails – Gatsby style.

Rachel Zoe Nails

Step 1: Paint nails white.

Step 2: Dip a toothpick into gold polish. Draw a horseshoe shape on the bottom of your nail bed. Continue in a line.
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