This Weeknd: 12/14
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Make: DIY Gift Tags
Though I might be in the minority, I find the annual task of purchasing holiday cards to be one of the most enjoyable parts of the season. I could spend hours in the local Papyrus piling boxes upon boxes of cards onto the checkout counter. Needless to say, I’m left with an awkward amount of leftovers each season. The solution? Trim your favorite designs into gift tags! If you’re like me you’re constantly running low, and finding (cute) gift tags don’t come cheap – so start snippin’!

Snack: Peppermint Bark Popcorn 
In need of a healthy(ier) snack to dole out during the holidays? Look no further. Cookie and Kate has whipped up a batch of treats that are a little lighter than your average christmas cookie. Salty, sweet and everything in between, this snack will quench your craving for chocolate without giving you a stomachache.

I love a good party dress as much as anyone, but why not try spicing up a pair of pants for your weekend shindig? These satin haram-esque trousers will have heads turning, especially when paired with art deco accessories and a sultry smokey eye. Lest we not forget to channel Miu Miu with a sparkly shoe – because nothing gets you going like a little glitter. Click the collage above for info on picking up these gorgeous pieces.

Watch: The Family Stone
There’s a tradition in my house when it comes to festive films. While we all have an appreciation for classics like It’s a Wonderful Life, when the snow starts falling I prefer a more contemporary take on the holidays. If you have yet to see The Family Stone, all I can say is: you’re in for a treat. Starring Diane Keaton, Luke Wilson, Rachel McAdams and SJP herself, Family Stone will make you laugh, cry, and most of all – it will make you thankful for what you’ve got.

Weekend: 12/7
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Make: Grilled Asparagus Tartines with Fresh Ricotta, Pesto & Scallions
Whether or not your an avid host, once the snow starts falling and the lights start glittering it’s tempting to throw your own soiree. The first and most obvious question – what to serve? All I have to say is thank god for these magical asparagus tartines. So fresh. So creamy. And most importantly, so easy to assemble. So light a fire, put on some music and bring out a tray of these suckers. Your guests will hardly know what hit ‘um.

Paint: Holiday Nail Art
Since it’s the season of giving and all, OTY has decided to get in on the action with our first ever(!) beauty giveaway. It’s simple – send your most festive nail art creations to our Instagram account, @OTYgrams, with the hastag #OTYnailed it. Once you’ve submitted your photo, you will be entered to win our fabulous prize: a Sephora by OPI, Tinsel Town Collector’s Set. Check our collection to see how OTY’s very own Experts are stacking up to the challenge.

I’ll be frank – finding a holiday frock when you’ve got an impending deadline can be less than fun. The annual office party, meeting his or her parents, entertaining your crazy (god love them) family – the events this month are endless. So before you’re caught without something fabulous in your closet, why not start shopping? I love love love thisilk green number with a pair of black leather ankle boots. It’s perfect for mingling with your coworkers, and throw on a red lip and some sparkly shoes and BAM – you’re ready for the mistletoe . Plus, what screams “cheer” louder than Kate Spade? Her fragrance, Twirl, is equally as bubbly as the champagne you will (hopefully) be sipping. Click on the collage above for more details.

Watch: Playing for Keeps
When I head to the theater this holiday season, I’m looking for award-winning performances, mind-blowing special effects…and a little eye candy. While I can’t see Gerard Butler’s newest flick, Playing for Keeps, sweeping the Oscars, I will admit to enjoying watching this undeniable hunk kick around a soccer ball. What’s wrong with a little light-hearted fun at the movies, anyway? They can’t all be Lincoln – and hey, we wouldn’t want them to be.

Recoup This Weekend:11/23
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Sip: Mint Rooibos Dextox Tea
Whether or not you spent most of the recent holiday in the kitchen, you’re probably still feeling the effects of that pumpkin pie and cornbread stuffing. To ease the pain, try brewing this simple tea to settle the stomach. Since it’s high in antioxidants and flavonoids, your skin will reap the benefits as well. So, when you wake up glowing tomorrow morning, feel free to thank me (or Elizabeth, author of favorite blog: Beauty Bets).

Listen: Celeste and Jesse Forever Soundtrack
If you missed this gem of a film when it hit theaters, you can still grab a piece of the magic via its excellent soundtrack. A combination of funk, hip hop and indie soul, this mix will have you tapping your feet all the way through. If you’re looking for an easy (and free) way to enjoy it, check out 8tracks for a simple way to stream.

Though the peplum can be tricky, it’s hard to go wrong with this flattering forest green number. Put on your dancing shoes this weekend (or at least some striking mustard pumps) and head out with a leopard handbag and a statement lip. After spending Friday night in your PJs with post turkey fatigue, it’s time to turn off your TiVo and re-enter the world in style.

I can’t seem to get enough of Daniel Day Lewis (and neither can the Oscars), so I’m a purchasing a ticket to Lincoln ASAP. If you’re looking for a few hours of peace, cart the family along to this educational flick and enjoy two hours and 30 minutes of DDL’s  most impressive role yet.

Get Spooked This Weekend: 10/26
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Watch: Seven Psychopaths 
It’s true that horror movies are not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s why I’m recommending everyone step out and see the unconventionally refreshing Seven Psychopaths this Halloween. If you love witty dialogue and don’t mind a little (lotta) bit of gore, this flick is for you. An all-star cast features Collin Farrell, Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell, Tom Waits and Woody Harrelson, and the rest is up to you to figure out.

Make: Apple Mosaic Tart with Salted Caramel 
If you’ve taken our advice in the past, you may (like me) still have an overflowing bag of apples from your latest apple picking excursion. If you’re tired of the classics, then I highly recommend you try out this tart from favorite food blog Smitten Kitchen. If you’re feeling unsure, simply ask yourself: has Deb ever let us down? I think  not.

Wear: Dress | Glitter pumps | Clutch | Ring stack | Skull ring | Rosary necklace | Faux lashes | Lipstick | Witch hat
Over the past month OTY has been practically overflowing with costume inspiration. Although we do advocate going incognito, you can still dress the part without the uncomfortable ensemble. Think of this as your opportunity to go a little over the top without looking, well, over the top. Exhibit A: black lace dress with paneled bodice. Exhibit B: glittery heals that may or may not have come straight out of our dreams. The best part? All these items can be reused, unlike that overpriced police “uniform”  you invested in last year.

Go: Jack O’lantern Blaze
One of my favorite things about this time of year is driving around and spotting all the jack o’lanters in my neighborhood. What then, could be better than an entire manor filled with HUNDREDS of hand carved pumpkins? The annual Jack O’Lantern Blaze in Croton-on-Hudson, NY is the tri-stare area’s biggest and best Halloween event. If you live in or near the area, be sure to grab a ticket while you still can. If not, look for fun & festive events in your hometown to give this holiday an even bigger kick.


Is it just me, or is the list of fierce females on the silver screen exceptionally long this time of year? Depending on which spine-tingling genre you pick, there are tons of spooky female leads to choose from. Though admittedly mass murder and alien abduction aren’t our strong suit, when it comes to matters of the mind us ladies clearly come out on top. If you’ve been keeping up with OTY’s guide to Halloween, you know that the list of possible costume contenders is a long one. But with Halloween less than a week away, we’ve still got a couple more tricks up our sleeve. Today I’ve decided to pay tribute to some of my favorite spellbinding women: witches. A far cry from the teenaged Sabrina and starry-eyed Samantha, the ladies listed below are not the kind you want to mess with. If you’re pressed for time or  just not feeling the costume route this year, take a cue from the following females and let your faces do the talking.

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Appreciate Autumn This Weekend
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Go:  Pumpkin Picking
Halloween is a comfortable two weeks in front of us, making pumpkin picking the perfect way to prep for this spooky holiday. With day time temperatures occasionally still reaching into the 60s in New York, why not spend as much time as you can outdoors. Whether you’re hitting up a local farm or favorite farmers market, pumpkins are plentiful, making finding the winning candidate  easy.

Make:  Chili Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Now that you’ve got your pumpkin, you’ve got to take the next (delicious) step: roasting the seeds. Every year I successfully and regretfully toss the tasty innards of my pumpkin, only to find dozens of do-able recipes online the following week. Since discovering this simple, savory post on Elana’s Pantry, I’m determined to make this year the exception.

Wear:  Leather jacket | Sweater | Jeans | Earrings | Sunglasses | Scarf | Nail polish | Bracelet | Bag | Boots
Layer up this weekend with a comfy knit and buttery leather jacket, the best match for brisk winds. Try some motorcycle boots to make a stylish yet casual statement, topped off with rugged gold accessories and this seasons must-have shade of nail polish.

Watch:  Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel
Whether or not you’re not already aware of Ms. Vreeland’s successes, I suggest taking a couple hours to watch this documentary about one of fashion’s most important figures. Everyone from The Rolling Stones to Twiggy benefited from Ms. Vreeland’s zany, yet crystal clear intuition. Although she was ultimately let go from Vogue, it neither tarnished her spirit nor her career.

Read: The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Despite a excerpt of it being used for my senior quote, Perks is a timeless read. Set in the suburbs in the early 1990s, the book references our favorite songs and movies, reminding us of the time when all we wanted was the be accepted and deemed normal. Pick it up this weekend for a short, but poignant read.

Wear: Shirt | Skirt | Glasses | Necklace | Ring | iPhone case | Bag | Socks | Shoes
October is the perfect time for oxfords and knee socks, whether or not we’re knee-deep in algebra or psych. Choose a substantial skirt that will keep your legs warm, and pair it with your favorite chambray shirt. Thick eyeglasses and fun, chevron jewelry will keep this look young, yet stylish.

Make: Crackly Banana Bread
You’re probably wondering, why mess with a delicious classic? While I usually agree, the interesting addition of coconut oil and millet to an already tasty banana bread got me thinking: maybe it’s time we change things up a bit. Besides, if the book above taught you anything – it’s good to be a little different sometimes.

Watch: The Perks of Being a Wallflower
As a long time fan of the novel, I was skeptical when I heard about the theatrical release of Perks. But after casting an unknown as the lead and Emma Watson as Sam, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t curious. This weekend I will set aside a couple hours and grab some friends to remember what it’s like to be in high school and feel infinite.



Watch:  For a Good Time, Call
As a supporter of the generic chick flick, I’m a sucker for most any plot line involving a shopping montage and handsome leading man. For all I know, For a Good Time Call has none of these things. It does, however, follow two smart, funny females who are trying to establish themselves in the, erm, entrepreneurial arena. For a good laugh, be sure to check out this not-so-generic chick flick.

Wear:  Tank  |   Jeans  |   Lip gloss  |   Sunglasses  |   Watch  |   Nail polish  |   Bag  |   Shoes
With temperatures finally starting to cool down a bit, I can’t wait to put on a pair of jeans without the threat of melting. Choose a patterned tank, mixed with printed flats and a fun watch for a subtle, eclectic look. Add a bright suede bag to cap off your outfit.

Make:  Hot Fudge Sundaes
The first day of fall is in just over a week, which means that when it comes to dessert, it’s time to make the switch from refreshing ice cream to warmer, richer options. Make the transition a little less painful this weekend by whipping up your own chocolate fudge sauce. Trust me – your end of summer hot fudge sundaes never tasted so sweet.

Read:  CR: Fashion Book
If you’re as big of a fan of former French Vogue Editor in Chief Carine Roitfeld as I am, you’ve probably been counting down the days until the release of her self-titled magazine, CR Fashion Book. It finally hit news stands on the 13th, which means I’ll be dedicating a few blissful hours to paging through the impressive, expensive glossy.

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Watch:   The Dark Knight Rises
We’ve been waiting for what feels like decades for the newest Batman installment, and The Dark Knight has finally risen. Though the franchise has lost one incredible actor it has gained a few more, and Anne Hathaway and Joseph Gordon Levitt round out a star-studded cast. We can’t wait for an action-packed Saturday night in front of the silver screen.

Wear:   Romper  |  Clutch  |  Sandals  |  Nail polish  |  Eyeliner  |  Bangles
Take a cue from Ms. Hathaway and channel your inner Cat Woman with this dark, yet playful romper. With a partially exposed back, this item is perfect for warm summer nights. Add a splash of studs and cool statement necklace, and you’ll be breaking hearts in no time. Meow, indeed.

Make:  Kickin’ Rocky Road Popcorn
In the spirit of the cinema, take a minute to whip up this delicious movie theater treat. Butter and salt are a thing of the past once you taste this wild take on classic popcorn. A mixture of cocoa and cinnamon make up the base, while cayenne pepper adds the aforementioned kick.

Plan:   A Night on the town
Now that you’ve picked out an outfit, call up the girls and hit your favorite spot for some drinks and quality conversation. With a cocktail in hand and your ladies by your side, who knows, you might just have the guts to dole out your digits to that cutie at the bar…

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Sip: Super smoothie
Let’s get real – this week took a major toll on our minds and bodies. Between endless burgers and the (more than) occasional Budweiser, celebrating the birth of America was pretty exhausting. Recover this weekend by sipping on one of these healthy smoothies in replace of your usual bagel and cream cheese breakfast.

Watch: Your Sister’s Sister
Up-and-comer Mark Duplass is naïve, yet enlightened in Your Sister’s Sister, an offbeat indie dramady that perfectly captures the inexplicable bond between siblings. The movie’s true-to-life relationships are refreshing, and Rosemarie Dewitt and Emily Blunt round out an intimate cast.

Wear:   Hat  |  Sunglasses  |  Dress  |  Body bar  |  Nail polish  |   Bracelet  |  Bag  |  Sandals
Maxis are back with a vengeance this summer, so why not test out the trend in a fun print? With Maxis, length is of major importance, so be sure to pick a dress that barely skims the floor. Slip on some strappy sandals to create a casual vibe and add a cross body bag for ultimate convenience.

Do: Yoga
After you’ve ingested something a less indulgent, work on your downward facing dog with an hour or two of bikrim yoga. Sweating on your mat is a lot chicer than sweating in the streets, and they’ve got the athletic wear to prove it. The count down to your final summer vakay is only weeks away, so grab your Nalgene and get going!

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