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Style Radar: Hook and Matter
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This month there are many things to love about Westchester, a county just outside of NYC. Whether you’re after unique gifts, fun flicks or an intimate music hall, the Hudson Valley offers something for everyone. This December, I’m looking forward to seeing Ingrid Michaelson at a nearby venue after enjoying some delicious local eats. Check out my full December collection for more details on the best of Westchester, NY.

December: Westchester Guide
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EmilyBeeSHOP: This month I’m all about grabbing gifts from The Glass Onion. Stocked with one-of-a-kind jewelry and pottery, this little boutique is perfect for picking up hostess gifts.
EmilyBeeWEAR: Stackable rings are all over my December radar. Cute shop Catbird in NYC is chock full of tiny gold bands that are great for layering in all sorts of combinations.
EmilyBeeTASTE: Sweet Grass Grill is fresh, locally sourced food right in the center of Terrytown, New York. Their menu is crafted from farms all over the area, making it a great option for a healthy dinner out.
EmilyBeePARTAKE: I can’t wait to see Ingrid Michaelson at Terrytown Music Hall this December. The venue has been alive and well for 125 years, making it a cozy spot to catch an astounding number of impressive acts.
EmilyBeeINSPIRED: Jacob Burns Film Lab is my favorite place to see movies that don’t make it to the big(ger) screen. This December their doing a rundown of all the flicks they missed out on throughout the year, including Moonrise Kingdom & Holy Motors.
Style Radar: Cast of Vices
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The likes of LiLo and Cat Marnell may have tried (and failed) to make flaunting your vices cool over the summer, but whatever your guilty pastimes of choice may be (questionable substance abuse, frisky activity, overindulgences in chocolate, coffee, etc.) it’s now officially in to flaunt them thanks to Cast of Vices. Trust me, you won’t be risking looking like another blonde-train-wreck-wannabe with these guys.

Although the pricing on the highlight of the current collection (a $245 necklace depicting a fly on a Corona cap) may be a bit superfluous, that’s the beautiful irony of it all, my friends. Plus, they get serious brownie points for having my favorite male model of all time as a supporter.

For more great ways to spend your hard-earned cash, check out my Style Radar collection on Oh That’s You.

Style Radar: Yellow Plum
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Location, location, location may be the mantra when it comes to successful brick and mortar businesses, but it’s all about curation, curation, curation online. I don’t want to sift through hundreds of pairs of clunky clogs and cheap sneaks to find a pair of solid shoes. I’d rather have less options that are all shining selections . Make my decision difficult, I dare you!

That’s just what Yellow Plum has done, with a tightly-edited e-shop that feels more like a boutique than a website. Only stocking shoes and jewelry, it’s the place to find the right finishing touch for an outfit or your go-to accessory of the season. Filled with the likes of Vince Camuto and Dolce Vita as well as a handful of under the radar jewelry brands, this is the place to come if you’re looking for both the reliable and the rebel. For more, head to my collection of favorites from Yellow Plum as well as all of my previous Style Radar picks on Oh That’s You.



Style Radar: Your Next Jewelry Obsession


Style Radar: Gentry
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How can I tell if a piece of jewelry is of quality? If it lasts on this reckless girl for over a week. (I swear I’m cursed. It’s like every bauble I buy breaks within 7 days or less.) So you can imagine my surprise (and satisfaction!) after wearing a necklace from the newest jewelry e-tailer in town, Gentry, for over a month now without it suffering from even the tiniest scratch. And, it was only $30.

Jewelry is an ample accessory available on the Internet these days (Forever 21 practically hands out bracelets at a little over $1). It’s a saturated market, so when you find that middle ground in a product that actually lasts for more than three wears without instantly shattering and doesn’t drain your entire bank account with one purchase, you’ve hit solid gold. Gentry may be extremely affordable (almost everything on the site is under $50) but it’s also a small company that genuinely seems to care about bringing something awesome to the fashion masses. I even received a personalized, handwritten note thanking me for my purchase when I ordered that necklace.

The collections are well-edited and less overwhelming to sift through than say, the crazed jewelry overload experience that is shopping on a Bauble Bar (love you guys, but seriously, take it easy!). Right now, there are a lot of understated, simple pieces like these skull cuffs (yes, the skull obsession continues) or solid statement pieces with pops of color like this aqua encrusted bracelet. Take a look for yourself and tell me which pieces you’re lusting after in the comments!

Online jewelry shops are like bunny rabbits – they multiply by the minute. To write this post, I probably sifted through about twenty fantastic e-commerce sites (so you’re getting the best of the best – appreciate). I actually tend to to stray from making jewelry purchases myself because like the scatterbrained klutz I tend to be, things easily get lost and broken in my presence. (Especially dainty little pieces of metal that wrap around my neck or wrist…)

However, when the purchase is under $100 and also well-designed by an independent retailer, I can’t resist. I mean, can you? Here are the five jewelry finds on my style radar this week:
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Splurge Vs. Save: Tribal Jewelry

With the arrival of spring comes the annual and inevitable urge to start incorporating out-there, eye-catching accessories into my wardrobe. The particular object of my affection is this tribal-inspired necklace from the jewelry geniuses behind Dannijo. But these stunning leather and turquoise claws come at a price – $502.00 to be exact – and if you’re anything like me and can’t shell out quite so much cash, I’ve assembled a list of pieces ranging from a mere $9.00 to a slightly steeper $207.00. After a more attention-grabbing look? Try layering a few pieces to make a bigger style splash. SPLURGE: Dannijo Levi Necklace

Tribal 2

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1. Sabine Tribal Necklace  | 2. Beetle Necklace | 3. Sabina Mixed Media Tribal Necklace | 4. Ethnic Collar Necklace | 5. Aztec Pendant Necklace | 6. Pamela Love Tribal Spike Necklace


Would You Wear It? Food Jewelry

When it comes to accessories, a fabulous piece of jewelry never fails to add some oomph to your outfit. I tend to fall back on the same old favorites: my mother’s turquoise ring, my gold boyfriend watch, or my floral bib necklace.

During fashion week, designer duds tend to steal most of the spotlight, but this spring I noticed a particularly quirky trend coming down the runway: food jewelry. Both Moschino and Dolce and Gabana featured similarly kooky pieces in their collections, with styles ranging from candy apple necklaces to earrings dripping in onions.
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