DIY T-shirt Necklace

DIY T-shirt Necklace
Repurpose your old t-shirts with this incredibly easy DIY necklace tutorial.
DIY T-shirt Necklace Steps 1-3
What You’ll Need: Two t-shirts | chain | clasp | scissors
Step 1: Cut out six strips of your t-shirts about 1 inch wide.
Step 2: Take three of your strips and bundle them together.  Form a loop (as illustrated above).  This is the first step in creating a sailors knot.
Step 3: Take your second bundle of strips and arrange it as shown above.
DIY T-shirt Necklace Steps 4-7
Step 4: Weave the second bundle of strips over and under the first as illustrated above.
Step 5:  Pull your knot tightly from both sides (ensuring that you have the same amount of material left on each side) and your knot will look like this.
Step 6: Once your knot is in good shape, flip it to the side and separate the strands into three little bundles of two strands, as shown above.  Begin a flat braid.
Step 7: Once you have reached your desired length or end of your fabric, take one of the strands, wrap it around the braid, and firmly knot.
DIY T-shirt Necklace Steps 8-11
 Step 8: Take another one of the strands, and slide on your chain.
Step 9: Firmly cross this strand over and tie another knot, so that the chain is now on a loop of cotton.
Step 10: Cut all of the ends off, leaving just one strand.
Step 11: Wrap the one strand of cotton around and around, covering up the cut ends and knots. Tuck the ends of this last strand back through the braid.
DIY T-shirt Necklace Step 12
Step 12: Repeat steps 6 through 11 on the other side of your necklace. Measure out your chain and add a clasp at the end.
…Viola! You now have a chic statement necklace at the mere price of two old t-shirts.
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This Weeknd: 12/14
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Make: DIY Gift Tags
Though I might be in the minority, I find the annual task of purchasing holiday cards to be one of the most enjoyable parts of the season. I could spend hours in the local Papyrus piling boxes upon boxes of cards onto the checkout counter. Needless to say, I’m left with an awkward amount of leftovers each season. The solution? Trim your favorite designs into gift tags! If you’re like me you’re constantly running low, and finding (cute) gift tags don’t come cheap – so start snippin’!

Snack: Peppermint Bark Popcorn 
In need of a healthy(ier) snack to dole out during the holidays? Look no further. Cookie and Kate has whipped up a batch of treats that are a little lighter than your average christmas cookie. Salty, sweet and everything in between, this snack will quench your craving for chocolate without giving you a stomachache.

I love a good party dress as much as anyone, but why not try spicing up a pair of pants for your weekend shindig? These satin haram-esque trousers will have heads turning, especially when paired with art deco accessories and a sultry smokey eye. Lest we not forget to channel Miu Miu with a sparkly shoe – because nothing gets you going like a little glitter. Click the collage above for info on picking up these gorgeous pieces.

Watch: The Family Stone
There’s a tradition in my house when it comes to festive films. While we all have an appreciation for classics like It’s a Wonderful Life, when the snow starts falling I prefer a more contemporary take on the holidays. If you have yet to see The Family Stone, all I can say is: you’re in for a treat. Starring Diane Keaton, Luke Wilson, Rachel McAdams and SJP herself, Family Stone will make you laugh, cry, and most of all – it will make you thankful for what you’ve got.


Expert Corner: Holiday Gift Guides Galore

Gift Guides Header
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This year, our experts have everyone covered on your shopping list – literally. From the foodie to the fashionista and even that confused artist friend of yours, there’s a gift to be found for everybody in their collections. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Under $10 Stocking Stuffers: Curated by our London-based expert, Heather, these are some great last-minute gifts to grab that won’t empty your wallet.

2. For The Travel GirlYou know that jet-setting friend you envy oh so much? Even she deserves a cute little gadget for the holidays found by our global expert, Lilian (who definitely knows a thing or two about hopping planes, trains and automobiles).

3. For The Crafty Girl and DIY DecemberHave a pal who loves to roll up her sleeves and experiment with her creative side? Our resident beauty expert, Emily, shares the cute, crafty necessities of the season while Calli, or DIY guru, shows you how to make a gift or two yourself.

4. For the FashionistaThere’s no better personal shopper than our style expert, Rebecca, when it comes to scouring the best finds for that fashion-obsessed friend who just has to be sporting the latest it-items.

5. For the AdventurerHave an outdoorsy pal who’s into things like hiking, camping, nature, etc? Then definitely take a look at Emily’s gift guide for the adventurous at heart.

6. For the Foodie (Part 1 and Part 2): We’re so into food here at OTY that one collection just didn’t suffice. Both Rebecca and Heather have some seriously mouthwatering finds for the foodies in your life.

7. For the Confused Artist: I think everyone has at least one of these artsy friends and Jame’ hit the nail on the head when it comes to finding them the right presents for the holidays.

8. For the Homebody: Emily knows exactly what to get for those who just want to stay in, cuddle up and watch movies all weekend long. (And who doesn’t want to do that?)

9. For the Interior GuruFor that person with the enviably decorated home, impress them with these chic interior accessories found by Rebecca.

10. For the Beauty BabeHave a friend who loves to experiment with beauty? Heather has pulled together the best makeup sets on the market this year.

BONUS: Now that your shopping’s all set, you still need to wrap those presents! Check out Calli’s DIY December Gift Wrap collection on Oh That’s You for creative ways to package up your presents.



DIY November: Painted Pumpkins

I love the holidays, starting with Thanksgiving. Then again, who wouldn’t swoon for a day consisting of great food, company, fall fashion and a chance to unleash your inner domestic goddess? This November, I will be searching high and low for Thanksgiving day inspiration to create the perfect decorations and recipes, for a chic and memorable turkey day. Keep an eye on my Thanksgiving collection this month, as I add pictures and DIY projects to it, starting with these painted pumpkins. I have been seeing fancy pumpkins all over the web lately and thought I would give them my own a shot, adding gold stems, chevron patterns and polka dots. Currently my creations are sitting pretty on my balcony, but as pumpkins come in many shapes and sizes, they can fit almost anywhere. So place them on your mantle, at your doorstep, or on the center of your Thanksgiving table. Happy pumpkin painting!
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Halloween Nail Art

Happy almost Halloween guys and gals! To commemorate tomorrow’s festivities, we at Oh That’s You! thought a spooky nail tutorial would do just the trick (or treat). Whether you absolutely adore the holiday or would rather be caught dead than in costume, these nail art creations are for you as they add just the right hint of fun without going overboard.

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The final week of October is upon us, ladies and gents. This tenth month of the year flew by us quicker than I could say, “hocus pocus“. Although I am certain that a few of you made your costume debuts this past weekend, the month’s main event is not until Wednesday. And let’s face it, some of your costumes may not have survived the weekend. But don’t you fret, it is never too late to make a killer costume before Wednesday night. Which is why I saved my favorite costume (or costumes I should say) for last.

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Your DIY Halloween Guide, Week Four: Mime

I took a glance at my costumes of Halloween’s past and stumbled upon a picture from October 2010. The morning the photo was taken I received an invite to join in on some Halloween festivities in Santa Barbara, about four hours South of where I was attending college. The catch however, was that I had about twenty minutes to pack before we left town. A true, “make it work,” moment needed to happen or I’d be forced to cut some holes in a pillow case and call myself a ghost. It came close to that, but in true DIY spirit I took once last glance through my closet and spotted a black and white striped shirt. I’d like to say the lightbulb lit up at once, but in all honesty I originally thought jailbird. About two minutes of striped contemplation had past and then it hit me, “A mime”. Quickly, I grabbed my black shorts, slouchy hipster beanie (all the craze in 2010), some liquid liner and headed out the door. Looking back, it was one of my favorite costumes to date and can be chic-ly duplicated this October, which is why I chose the look for the fourth week of my DIY Halloween Guide series. Simply use my formula (stripes on top + black on bottom), and swap out the beanie for the hat of today, the ever-so-trendy bowler. You now have yourself an impossibly easy, all the while hip, Halloween costume. Mime on.

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There are a few things one has come to expect from a Wes Anderson film. The movie itself will be delightfully retro, the screen will display an array of Anderson’s signature bright hues (colors not quite true to real life), the soundtrack will be filled with indie melodies that belong in the 1970′s, and often there will be a young female character who wears entirely too much makeup, along with a permanent pout, creating a perfectly cool Halloween costume. Enter Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom.

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Those who know me (or read the OTY Blog) are aware of the fact that I love a good old, “Do It Yourself” project. The reason why Halloween is among my top five favorites holidays is because the costume is the original DIY. That’s right, before the time of pop-up Halloween mega stores, mothers everywhere were cutting holes in sheets, securing them over their children’s heads and telling them to say, “Boo” as college students were tying them around their shoulders shouting, “Toga!”. Don’t worry, I aim to be a little more fashion forward than those DIY pioneers with my ensemble this 31st. Let’s face it, unless you want to pay $60 for a plastic bag full of polyester resembling a slightly more scandalous version of your favorite story book character (no offense Spirit stores), creating your own Halloween attire is the sure-fire way to go. Not to mention, who doesn’t love saying “I made it myself” in response to a compliment and inquiry of purchase. Be honest, we all do.

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Going for the Gold Nail Polish Tutorial

I love an Olympic summer. It is so wonderful to see people from all over the world join together and compete for their country. The Olympics is the meshing together of global cultures at its finest, which is something that we can relate to and appreciate at Oh That’s You, as our fashion and beauty contributors come from all over the world.

The great aspect of the 2012 summer games is that it is taking place in London (another thing I love). England’s capital is truly such a charming city. Upon my visit there, the cobblestone streets, vintage flea markets, museums and pubs all had me at hello. Sadly, I will not be joining in the British festivities this summer, but I can only imagine the grand time that will be had from opening ceremony to close.

I will be watching the games with my fellow Southern Californians, as there will be several athletes and coaches competing in the 2012 games from my hometown, Long Beach, California (six attended my high school alone. Go Bruins!).  I intend to show my pride the best way I know how, by sporting some patriotic nail art. On the other hand, if you’re interested in supporting the home of the summer 2012 Olympic Games, look no further.
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