Style Radar: Nifty Necklaces Made in BK

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Style Radar: Hook and Matter
kmullins created Style Radar: Hook and Matter
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As an Upper West Sider, making the trek out to Brooklyn is like taking a road trip to the Midwest. It just doesn’t happen that often. Thankfully, Brooklyn can come to me – online, that is, with its fabulous e-shops doing the whole handmade-artisan-hipster thing on a virtual level. This week on my Style Radar are eight favorite finds from the best of Brooklyn e-tailers (get your credit cards out, cuz these are good!):

1. This stingray wallet from Eayrslee┬áis freakin’ chic. That’s all I have to say.

2. Who doesn’t love Oak? A Brooklyn fashion staple for the Rick Owens-esque goth-wannabees in all of us. This red wrap waist cowl dress is S-U-L-T-R-Y.

3. We all need some natural beauty products in our lives and Sprout is just the place to get ‘em. And just LOOK at that packaging on the lip balm. The graphic designer in me is swooning.

4. Two words: tie-dye clutch. One word: $10. Thanks, Cook & Gates.

5. It seems as if everyone is debating the whole jelly shoe trend as of late. This pair of F-Troupes from Mary Meyer has me on board.

6. Aww a bunny wine stopper! Both quirky and cute at the same time – the perfect Brooklyn combo from Life Curated.

7. I feel like this skirt is one of those pieces that would stay in your closet for decades on end. Smith + Butler knows what’s up when it comes to showcasing cool designers like Lauren Moffatt.

8. And last but not least – who doesn’t want this first place necklace from Old Hollywood. We all need to feel like winners sometimes, right?

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