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This year, our experts have everyone covered on your shopping list – literally. From the foodie to the fashionista and even that confused artist friend of yours, there’s a gift to be found for everybody in their collections. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Under $10 Stocking Stuffers: Curated by our London-based expert, Heather, these are some great last-minute gifts to grab that won’t empty your wallet.

2. For The Travel GirlYou know that jet-setting friend you envy oh so much? Even she deserves a cute little gadget for the holidays found by our global expert, Lilian (who definitely knows a thing or two about hopping planes, trains and automobiles).

3. For The Crafty Girl and DIY DecemberHave a pal who loves to roll up her sleeves and experiment with her creative side? Our resident beauty expert, Emily, shares the cute, crafty necessities of the season while Calli, or DIY guru, shows you how to make a gift or two yourself.

4. For the FashionistaThere’s no better personal shopper than our style expert, Rebecca, when it comes to scouring the best finds for that fashion-obsessed friend who just has to be sporting the latest it-items.

5. For the AdventurerHave an outdoorsy pal who’s into things like hiking, camping, nature, etc? Then definitely take a look at Emily’s gift guide for the adventurous at heart.

6. For the Foodie (Part 1 and Part 2): We’re so into food here at OTY that one collection just didn’t suffice. Both Rebecca and Heather have some seriously mouthwatering finds for the foodies in your life.

7. For the Confused Artist: I think everyone has at least one of these artsy friends and Jame’ hit the nail on the head when it comes to finding them the right presents for the holidays.

8. For the Homebody: Emily knows exactly what to get for those who just want to stay in, cuddle up and watch movies all weekend long. (And who doesn’t want to do that?)

9. For the Interior GuruFor that person with the enviably decorated home, impress them with these chic interior accessories found by Rebecca.

10. For the Beauty BabeHave a friend who loves to experiment with beauty? Heather has pulled together the best makeup sets on the market this year.

BONUS: Now that your shopping’s all set, you still need to wrap those presents! Check out Calli’s DIY December Gift Wrap collection on Oh That’s You for creative ways to package up your presents.


Style Radar: Cast of Vices
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The likes of LiLo and Cat Marnell may have tried (and failed) to make flaunting your vices cool over the summer, but whatever your guilty pastimes of choice may be (questionable substance abuse, frisky activity, overindulgences in chocolate, coffee, etc.) it’s now officially in to flaunt them thanks to Cast of Vices. Trust me, you won’t be risking looking like another blonde-train-wreck-wannabe with these guys.

Although the pricing on the highlight of the current collection (a $245 necklace depicting a fly on a Corona cap) may be a bit superfluous, that’s the beautiful irony of it all, my friends. Plus, they get serious brownie points for having my favorite male model of all time as a supporter.

For more great ways to spend your hard-earned cash, check out my Style Radar collection on Oh That’s You.

Style Radar: Melie Bianco
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Moderately priced handbags that are cool, of quality, but avoid becoming trendy to a point of irritating ubiquity are not easy to come by. It’s like you either need to drop a few benjamins on a PS1 or head to H&M for a $20 thrill. Where’s my middle ground?

Well, it’s funny you ask because it’s actually just a click away over at Melie Bianco, a California-based handbag company that makes some seriously covetable carryalls.

The bulk of the product on the e-shop seems to range from the $50 – $100 mark (which is fine by me!). There’s a tight selection, but they manage to cover all fields from little statement cross-bodies to classic structured totes for us city girls on the go. Plus, I have major respect for a small company that gets tons of coverage (there are literally thirty pages of clips in their press section) but still manages to stay close to its roots without going to big too soon.

Are you obsessed with Melie Bianco yet? (I know I am.) For more up-and-comer coverage in fashion, beauty and accessories check out my “Style Radar” collection on Oh That’s You!



Finding the Perfect Bag for Your Lifestyle

Choosing the right handbag is not an easy feat. It doesn’t matter the occasion or the outfit, that tote is responsible for storing all of your necessities when you leave the house. It can be overwhelming to find a bag that fits all of your must-haves but actually looks stylish as well. (Read: not a plastic bag). It doesn’t matter if you’re like me and find the need to carry everything but the kitchen sink, or maybe you can get away with a few less “essentials.” Whether you are a career-savvy professional, or just climbing up the corporate ladder and wanting to invest in a staple bag, I’ve come up with a list of tips to help you find the bag for your lifestyle. If you are a student or a busy mom-on-the go, use this cheat-sheet before you hit the bag department to save time and aggravation.

1. The Stylish Student

When we think “school bag” it’s hard not to conjure up memories of candy-colored knapsacks bedazzled with our favorite Disney characters. While you may still love Belle and Ariel, attending a Psychology 101 class with either one of them on your bag isn’t going to do you any favors. The grown up messenger bag has remained a popular collegiate style for good reason. It comes in a variety of colors and fabrics from berry leather to the classic taupe canvas. They range in size whether you want to fit a notebook and pen or a few binders. The convenient shoulder strap keeps both hands free so you can carry your ever-present Starbucks coffee. If you can get one with an adjustable shoulder strap, do it because they always stretch out over time from the weight of those English Lit texts. Additionally, when it comes back-to-school shopping time, I recommend bringing the largest binder or notebook you plan on carrying with you to the shop in order to ensure the perfect fit. You don’t want to realize the night before class starts that your binder is just that much too big for your bag to close properly. Here are a few solid options:

The Stylish Student
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By Heather_C

1. ClaireChase Red Sorrento Laptop Messenger Bag
2. Tumi T-Tech Forge Fairview Messenger Bag
3. Beach Handbags Seaside Beach Medium Messenger
4. David King & Co. Tan Small Laptop Messenger Bag

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PFW Wrap Up: Accessories

We may have said au revoir to Paris Fashion Week, but I can’t stop thinking about the stunning silhouettes and dreamy details that strutted down the Parisian runway. While the inspiration behind each collection varied, there were a few key trends that couldn’t go unnoticed.
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LFW Wrap Up: Accessories

Last week some of our favorite designers from across the pond took to the runway during London Fashion Week. Though the London scene may not be as jam-packed as that of New York, names like Acne, Burberry, and Vivienne Westwood, make the Brits responsible for supplying some of fashion’s top talent. Once again, I’ve scoured each collection for key trends that stood out for the upcoming fall season.
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NYFW Wrap Up: Accessories

I always find the end of Fashion Week to be bittersweet. While the arrival of new fall threads never fails to give me goose bumps, now that the week is over we fashionistas can finally take a deep breath. With over 300 shows this year, there was plenty of style to go around. After combing the runways for what to expect this winter, I selected four key trends that stood out for the coming season.
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Accessorizing for Homecoming

Well ladies, it’s that time of the year again. Time for hot apple cider, finding the perfect Halloween costume, and perhaps most importantly, looking fab at homecoming. Even if you already found the dress, accessorizing it isn’t always easy. Here are some tips and tricks for making a splash, whether you’re campaigning for queen, or just dancing the night away.

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Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

If you wear eye glasses you may be well aware of which frames suit you best, but in the summertime nearly all of us are on the hunt for the right shaped frames – for sunglasses, that is – for out faces. Check out these tips to save yourself some time and put you on the right track for the best sunnies for your look. Read More

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