Meet The Team


Azita Gandjei, Founder
I love to shop! Practically as soon as I could walk, my mother introduced me to style and I grew up buying every new fashion trend and beauty product that I could afford. Yet with my wardrobe and vanity bursting with clothes and makeup, I still couldn’t find anything that was “me.” It was only when shopping with friends and my mum that I found pieces that looked good on me and expressed my personality. This seemed to be true for my friends as well. Now, I’ve worked in the high-tech industry for years and have faced the same struggle of finding the right styles. It seemed only natural that I put my tech background and love of fashion together to solve the dilemma of finding the right clothes and makeup for all occasions. is the result. Find me on Oh That’s You as azijoon.

Mary Egbula, Executive Editor
One of my earliest memories is of a favorite dress – a lemon yellow frock with a single embroidered flower on the chest. I couldn’t have been more than two the last time I could wear that dress, and in the decades since my love for wearing pretty things has never left me. More recently, I’ve become passionate about being a smart consumer and I love how technology helps me do this. My style philosophy leans toward Quality over Quantity, and I try to maintain that stance when giving advice to friends, family, and clients. Find me on Oh That’s You as EightyJane.

Kelly Mullins, Fashion Editor, @kellmullins

Hailing from Boston and always fashion obsessed, I moved to New York City to attend Parsons the New School for Design in 2009. After completing my degree (and many, many internships) I now live and work here, pursuing the dream and all. I’ll try any trend once and am constantly combing through the Internet for style inspiration (seriously, I’m like a dictionary with that stuff). In my free time, I like to entertain, take the occasional dance class and watch old television shows on Netflix for hours on end. Find me on Oh That’s You as kmullins.

Emily Broat, Beauty Editor, @emilybroat
I’m not sure anyone would have come to me for beauty advice growing up, unless of course they wanted a crash course in colored mascara and body glitter. Although my taste has changed (slightly) since then, I still get giddy over the newest shade of nail polish. My interest in the industry started years later with a slight interest in magazines, which quickly turned into a full-blown obsession. When I’m not online following my favorite bloggers, I can be found shopping at the local farmers market or perusing my ever-growing stack of fashion & beauty publications. I prefer coffee houses to cubicles and consider travel a top priority – right after finding the perfect chambray shirt, of course. Find me on Oh That’s You as EmilyBee.

Rebecca Waas, Senior Contributor, @rebeccaa_louise
I’ve always had a thing for fashion ever since I was little and use to hide in my Grandma’s closet playing with her stilettos and sequined dresses. My passion has only increased as I’ve gotten older, and when I lived in London I use to love nothing more than sitting at Camden Market, Carnaby Street or Leister Square with a latte, and observing everyone’s individual styles. I’m currently joining two of my passions in life, business and fashion and I’m starting my own business; I’d love to one day put my own stamp on the fashion world. When I’m not stalking the fashion world I enjoy nothing more than spending time with my niece or drinking cocktails with my best friends. Find me on Oh That’s You as rebeccalouiseFor more of Rebecca, visit her personal blog here

Calli Perez, Senior Contributor
Native of Southern California, I am a storyteller with a love for travel, fashion, music and all things artistic. To me, fashion is a daily form of artistic expression. Influenced strongly by the past, I find true classics never fade and love to mix modern pieces with vintage. Aside from fashion, I strive to see the world, piece by piece, and write about different cultural experiences along my way. As a devoted fan of the printed word, I hope to one day mix these passions and create a travel, fashion publication. Find me on Oh That’s You as CalliperezFor more from Calli, visit her personal site here

Heather Cichowski, Contributor
I have a passion for fashion and beauty and am constantly looking for places and things that inspire me. I get inspiration from various sources including street style, travelling and museums. I love to keep up with the trends and find out what the next big thing in fashion is going to be or what the new must-have beauty product is. I am currently based in London, England where I divide my time between interning and freelancing as a Fashion Assistant and Stylist. Find me on Oh That’s You as Heather_CFor more from Heather visit her personal fashion and beauty blogs. 

Lilian Chan, Contributor, @lilianchan89
Born and bred in Borneo, I’m a 23-year-old magazine journalism grad from Syracuse University, New York. My obsession with fashion has led me to be an associate fashion editor of Zipped magazine and fashion intern for designer Zang Toi. I spend way too much time fashion blog-stalking, texting and having leisurely dinners with my friends. I aim to travel to at least a new city each year, and so far have been to various places including Shanghai, New Zealand, Austria, and Barcelona. Oh, and I must be the only one I know who’s allergic to a glorious thing called chocolate. Find me on Oh That’s You as lilianchan89For more from Lilian, visit her personal blog here

Jame’ Jackson, Contributor
Hey guys! So I was born and raised in the Washionton, D.C. metropolitan area. I attended Wakefield High school in Arlington, V.A., where I was exposed to one of the most diverse student bodies in America. This experience shaped everything from my career goals to my fashion choices. Making every day my runway, I never turned down a fashion challenge! My greatest passion is dressing others and making them feel beautiful. I love to write and do videos on how to be a fashionista. Currently I study at Howard University with a major in English and have plans of one day running my own image consultation firm and being a freelance journalist. Find me on Oh That’s You as Style_Jay93.