Gift-Giving Made Easy

Here at Oh That’s You! our entire ethos is centered around helping people find just the right thing. Whether that’s just the right nail color or just the right chambray shirt, we go all out to get you to what works the best for you. At this time of year, however, it’s not just about you. During the holiday season we all start thinking about what might be just right for our friends and loved ones. It can be a daunting task, especially when there are things like final exams and travel plans in the mix.

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce our GiftShopper. In three easy steps, this new service will help you burn through that shopping list and not just get your gift-giving over with, but find presents that will be perfect for the lucky recipients. Not only will you get the job done, you’ll get it done stylishly well. Then you can kick back and enjoy the praise and admiration.
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About the founder

I love to shop! Practically as soon as I could walk, my mother introduced me to fashion. By the time I was in high school, my friends constantly asked me (and each other) what to wear. Now that I’ve worked in the high-tech industry for years, it seemed natural that I marry my two loves to create OhThatsYou.com.

I believe that what we wear is a singular form of self-expression. Your personal style is profoundly informed by who you are, the communities you belong to, the experiences you’ve had. But too often I’ve found that fashion magazines and websites dictate how we should dress and how we should look while at the same time portraying some inaccessible fantasy. They can’t recommend an outfit that would look fabulous on you if they don’t take your unique characteristics into account. The results? A closet full of clothes that don’t quite match. A drawer full of cosmetics that don’t quite look right. Wouldn’t it be great if a fashion site was not only tailored to your unique physical attributes and environment, but also offered solutions that you could truly apply to your life?

Welcome to OhThatsYou.com, where we bridge the worlds of fantasy and technology with real-life style. Create your own highly customized profile and connect with your family, friends, and others around the world who understand your specific style needs. We combine social and expert analysis to give you personalized fashion recommendations. Upload photos of yourself and get advice from your private friends, or the whole community. Give advice and create outfits for your friends using our Mix&Match tool. The passionate and dedicated community at OhThatsYou.com can help you create the perfect look – whether you want to fit in or stand out.

Let’s make fashion fun again!

Azita Gandjei

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