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Our personal style often comes in the form of a contradiction: boho glam, sporty & chic, classic yet trendy. Stylish e-tailer Sugarlips’ descriptor is no exception. “Flipping” through the site is the equivalent of raiding the closet of your slightly older (and sartorially wiser) cousin, who somehow manages to make an embellished peter pan collar look tough. Simply put: “the edgy girlie girl.”

Needless to say, when the generous folks at Sugarlips offered to send me an item of my choice I was thrilled. After mentally and physically bookmarking a long list of items, I chose the Window Embers top – a flirty, burnt orange peplum covered in small, flattering pleats. I should preface this by saying that I am well aware of the current popularity surrounding the peplum. One might even go so far as to call it a “peplum frenzy,” as you rarely walk into a clothing store these days without seeing at least one rack of artfully flared fabric. I, however, had yet to take the plunge. I’d been tempted – sure, but the thought of accidentally drawing attention to my hips scared me straight and my courage maxed out at gentle a-line.

When my package from Sugarlips arrived I noticed a few things: one, this was definitely a quality item. While the back of the top is quite sheer, the front (and entire peplum) contains an added layer that gives the shirt a little more heft. It’s 100% polyester, so it has a bit of give to it and should keep its shape quite nicely. The color is indeed in the orange family, coming closest a burnt sienna, which is lovely for the cooler months. I hesitantly ordered a small, as I am usually right between a small and a medium, but the top fits perfectly. The zipper up the side is helpful, considering the seam where the peplum begins does not stretch at all and hits right at the waistline. I chose to style my new shirt with my classic Gap jean jacket, recently purchased and admittedly perfect Club Monaco Alexi Pant, my Bass & Co suede ankle boots and an H&M fur vest since it’s still pretty chilly out there (evidenced by the snow.)

Sugarlips Day&Night
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Other options? When it comes to styling for daytime, I love paring the Window Embers top with colored denim in similarly rich shades and gold accessories. Lace-up booties and a simple leather tote draw attention to the delicate details without clashing. For night, I like the idea of throwing some leather into the mix, along with colorful accessories and printed pumps – a pair of edgy, Art Deco earrings keep things interesting. Interested in your very own Window Embers top? Head over to the Sugarlips website and take a peek at their adorable merch – I’ve got my eye on the Signed By Scarlett dress & Frolic in the Forest top…happy shopping!

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