The shift from spring to summer means more than just a change in temperature. Once our hair gets a bit lighter and our skin a little more sun-kissed, our choice of beauty must-haves tends to transform too. And with all that extra vitamin D comes the temptation to try out some brighter hues. Read on to see what our contributors have to say about their essential summer lip shades, and then head over to the OTY Style Exchange to share your own favorites.

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Editor’s note: Lilian Chan is currently interning for Malaysian-born designer, Zang Toi, in his atelier in Manhattan, New York.

Organizing a fashion show is never easy. It takes months and months of preparation to pull off a show that lasts for less than 30 minutes. At least that’s how it works during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. Imagine the look on my face when I discovered we only had less than 24 hours to make fashion magic happen for Nashville Fashion Week! Following the recent success of Nashville Fashion Week 2011 with headliners like Christian Siriano (Project Runway winner) and Betsey Johnson, we were thrilled to be invited to close the show for Day 2 of Nashville Fashion Week 2012 and we were determined to, as Tim Gunn would say, “make it work!”
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In My Bag: Emily

Created on
By Emily Broat

Lately, my bag of choice has got to be my Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger suede shopper. Unfortunately, the line was recently discontinued and I am still recovering from its untimely end. However, this slouchy tote by Pietro Alessandro mimics its style and shape almost perfectly. When choosing a bag, I tend to stick with neutrals, so I don’t have to worry about clashing. I have always aired on the classic side for my day-to-day handbags, and prefer saving the edgier styles for evening looks. These bags are also similar to my day bag:

Helen Kaminski ‘Lana’ | Rebecca Minkoff ‘Cupid’ | Marc by Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal Sookie

For me, a bag’s size and straps are the most important features. As a communications major, I never know when I’m going to have to pack up my laptop, making enough space imperative. The addition of a cross body strap also helps to minimize any discomfort. As for what goes in it, you won’t find me without my red Moleskin notebook, perfect for jotting down ideas, or my makeup go-tos:

CoverGirl natural lash mascara | Lancome concealer | & Burt’s Bees lip balm.
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In My Bag: Kelly

My Daily Bag
 My Daily Bag
Created on
By Kelly Mullins

I lug around my giant bag practically everywhere I go in the city, so as you can imagine, we’ve been through thick and thin together. It’s my utilitarian lifesaver, a simple bag that can be paired with any ensemble (because it’s black) and can take being roughed around a bit (because it’s made of nylon). I actually snapped it up on sale at a Marshalls a few years ago, but see the bottom suggestions for similar versions you can get now. Inside, I keep it to the essentials: electronics, a little makeup, a small wallet and of course, a trusty journal for jotting down my ideas on the go!

Suggested bags
1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Eliz-a-Baby Bag
2. Rebecca Minkoff Toki Tote
3. Kate Spade Nylon Stevie
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In My Bag: Calli

My daily bag is a small, leather clutch I purchased in Florence. It fits into my lifestyle because it is small and holds just the things that I need, which is normally just the basics (keys, phone, mirror, chapstick, bobby pins, concealer, liner) I love that I can fit it on my wrist or place it in my school bag, rather than transferring everything.

Here are three good alternatives to my staple bag:
1. Deux Lux cognac basketwoven iPad case
2. Deux Lux black textured faux leather ‘Snake Charmer’ dual pouch clutch
3. Gustto purple leather foldover zip detail clutch
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In My Bag: Rebecca

My Daily Bag
My Daily Bag
Created on
By bee14

Wherever I go I seem to pack everything but the kitchen sink. I’m the sort of person that likes to plan ahead, so even though I’ve got my contact lenses in I’ll still carry my glasses around with me just incase a gust of wind just so happens to come and blow my lenses out of my eyes (unlikely I know). Similarly, you’ll always find I carry a book around with me just incase I get stuck somewhere or I’m left waiting for someone I’m meeting.

So the main characteristic I look for in a bag is something that is spacious and durable. Like magic answering all my prayers is this satchel. This style bag is perfect for me because it allows me to pack to my heart’s content. Read More


In My Bag: Mary

In My Bag
In My Bag
Created on
By Mary

My daily bag is a Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini. I love satchels because they have a classic appeal, but can be worn in so many ways. Mine is in elephant (dark grey) with light grey trim because I wanted something neutral, but not as predictable as black or brown. It’s also a good compliment to my wardrobe, which is a varied mix of minimalist meets vintage. I love that I can carry it in my hands or sling it over my shoulder so I’m hands-free on the go. This bag is big enough to carry all my essentials without being overstuffed or too heavy. Here’s what’s inside:
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Store Review: Forever 21 Dos & Don’ts

Review by Matthis Renaud

Do’s and Don’ts when shopping at Forever 21
For most of us when we hear the words “Forever 21” we get a little, or even a big tingle inside. But what we don’t all know is that big companies such as Forever 21 aren’t always giving us our money’s worth. Let’s take a look at what Forever 21 does and doesn’t do well in providing for its consumers.

When shopping at Forever 21 DO buy:

  • Sunglasses! Starting at the frugal price of $5.80, you can find practically any shades that will fit your physiognomy and personal style.
  • Tees! Whether they are neon, floral, lace, cropped, or flowy, Forever 21 always has ongoing sales which are mainly Tees; if shopping online be sure to check out their “Yellow-Tag” deals or “21 items of the Day”. Go stock up on a variety of tees for the season, prices generally start at $9!
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Part 2 of our recommendations from Rebecca, one of our users.  She says that she loves these blush and bronzer products.


# 2: L’OREAL Mineral Blusher 50 Soft Rosewood

# 4: Rimmel Natural Bronzer Powder Sun Bronze

# 3: Collection 2000 Cheek Tint No. 4


#6: glominerals – gloBronze SUNLIGHT, NEW IN

#1: Becca-Beach Tint – Peach

# 5: Guerlain Terracotta Light Bronzing Powder 01 Blondes


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