The final week of October is upon us, ladies and gents. This tenth month of the year flew by us quicker than I could say, “hocus pocus“. Although I am certain that a few of you made your costume debuts this past weekend, the month’s main event is not until Wednesday. And let’s face it, some of your costumes may not have survived the weekend. But don’t you fret, it is never too late to make a killer costume before Wednesday night. Which is why I saved my favorite costume (or costumes I should say) for last.

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Your DIY Halloween Guide, Week Four: Mime

I took a glance at my costumes of Halloween’s past and stumbled upon a picture from October 2010. The morning the photo was taken I received an invite to join in on some Halloween festivities in Santa Barbara, about four hours South of where I was attending college. The catch however, was that I had about twenty minutes to pack before we left town. A true, “make it work,” moment needed to happen or I’d be forced to cut some holes in a pillow case and call myself a ghost. It came close to that, but in true DIY spirit I took once last glance through my closet and spotted a black and white striped shirt. I’d like to say the lightbulb lit up at once, but in all honesty I originally thought jailbird. About two minutes of striped contemplation had past and then it hit me, “A mime”. Quickly, I grabbed my black shorts, slouchy hipster beanie (all the craze in 2010), some liquid liner and headed out the door. Looking back, it was one of my favorite costumes to date and can be chic-ly duplicated this October, which is why I chose the look for the fourth week of my DIY Halloween Guide series. Simply use my formula (stripes on top + black on bottom), and swap out the beanie for the hat of today, the ever-so-trendy bowler. You now have yourself an impossibly easy, all the while hip, Halloween costume. Mime on.

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Chelsea Boots | Riding Boots | Loafers

There is nothing that I love more than when a new season comes around. Not only does it mean that my wardrobe gets an update with the latest trends, but that my footwear does too. And being the avid shoe addict that I am, towards the end of each season you’ll literally find me counting down the days before I can pay all of my favorite shops a visit and purchase some new shoes! Whether you’re a boots or shoe kind of girl, it’s time to put your sandals and light weight shoes to the back of your wardrobe and find your perfect fall footwear.

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Summer Sets: Sandals + Polish

With summer well on its way, it’s time to break out the sandals and finally show those toes some well-deserved sunshine. And what goes better with your favorite pair of strappy showstoppers than a complimentary pedi? This season’s color palate ranges from blinding brights to pretty pastels, making the search for your perfect match a breeze. Below we’ve selected a few of our go-to warm weather combinations. Footwear in eye-catching hues look great paired with similarly flashy polish. And what about basic black? Try a flashy metallic that mirrors your new bronze glow.


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1. Birkenstock Sandals, Butter London Polish | 2. Lucky Brand Sandals, SpaRitual Polish  | 3. Pink Steve Madden Sandals, Pixi Polish 4. Multi-Metallic Steve Madden Sandals, Essie Polish 5. Blue Steve Madden Sandals, POPbeauty Polish

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Spring Shoe Trends: The Understated Heel

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After watching the Dries Van Noten, Givenchy, and Salvator Ferragamo shows last fall, it’s obvious that minimalism is making a comeback. Classic, single sole sandals ruled the runway in colors ranging from simple black to totally-out-there turquoise. The great thing about this trend is it can be easily adapted to fit any style, the minimalist silhouette allowing you to take risks in other areas of your  wardrobe.

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Heel, Dress, Sunglasses, BeltRing, Clutch, Eyeliner

The peplum has been touted as the spring silhouette, and its curvy shape looks just right with a classic heel. However, this style should be carefully adapted to fit your own personal body type. Straight figures should choose flared styles that enhance their curves, while hourglass shapes should pick fitted peplums that hug the body. I love this look with a pair of cat eye sunglasses and a boxy clutch. Going from day to night? Throw on a studded belt and attention grabbing accessory for maximum impact.

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