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Style Radar: Hook and Matter
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Expert Corner: Holiday Gift Guides Galore

Gift Guides Header
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This year, our experts have everyone covered on your shopping list – literally. From the foodie to the fashionista and even that confused artist friend of yours, there’s a gift to be found for everybody in their collections. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Under $10 Stocking Stuffers: Curated by our London-based expert, Heather, these are some great last-minute gifts to grab that won’t empty your wallet.

2. For The Travel GirlYou know that jet-setting friend you envy oh so much? Even she deserves a cute little gadget for the holidays found by our global expert, Lilian (who definitely knows a thing or two about hopping planes, trains and automobiles).

3. For The Crafty Girl and DIY DecemberHave a pal who loves to roll up her sleeves and experiment with her creative side? Our resident beauty expert, Emily, shares the cute, crafty necessities of the season while Calli, or DIY guru, shows you how to make a gift or two yourself.

4. For the FashionistaThere’s no better personal shopper than our style expert, Rebecca, when it comes to scouring the best finds for that fashion-obsessed friend who just has to be sporting the latest it-items.

5. For the AdventurerHave an outdoorsy pal who’s into things like hiking, camping, nature, etc? Then definitely take a look at Emily’s gift guide for the adventurous at heart.

6. For the Foodie (Part 1 and Part 2): We’re so into food here at OTY that one collection just didn’t suffice. Both Rebecca and Heather have some seriously mouthwatering finds for the foodies in your life.

7. For the Confused Artist: I think everyone has at least one of these artsy friends and Jame’ hit the nail on the head when it comes to finding them the right presents for the holidays.

8. For the Homebody: Emily knows exactly what to get for those who just want to stay in, cuddle up and watch movies all weekend long. (And who doesn’t want to do that?)

9. For the Interior GuruFor that person with the enviably decorated home, impress them with these chic interior accessories found by Rebecca.

10. For the Beauty BabeHave a friend who loves to experiment with beauty? Heather has pulled together the best makeup sets on the market this year.

BONUS: Now that your shopping’s all set, you still need to wrap those presents! Check out Calli’s DIY December Gift Wrap collection on Oh That’s You for creative ways to package up your presents.


Style Radar: Choix
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Do you ever get overwhelmed shopping online? Like, there’s too much possibility to sort through on a site and the stress of it all just causes you to slam the laptop shut for good (or at least the next ten minutes). Although not a terrible problem to have, too many options leads to the conundrum of never feeling satisfied with your final choice.

Coincidentally, my latest e-find, Choix (literally translated to “choice” from French) is a well-curated online boutique of quirky sweaters, artisan jewelry and feminine frocks that completely proves the value of a good eye. Stocking a great selection of special, under $100 pieces, this place is a gold mine for holiday gifts. (You’re welcome).

To see what else has been on my Style Radar, check out the collection on OTY here.

Style Radar: Cast of Vices
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The likes of LiLo and Cat Marnell may have tried (and failed) to make flaunting your vices cool over the summer, but whatever your guilty pastimes of choice may be (questionable substance abuse, frisky activity, overindulgences in chocolate, coffee, etc.) it’s now officially in to flaunt them thanks to Cast of Vices. Trust me, you won’t be risking looking like another blonde-train-wreck-wannabe with these guys.

Although the pricing on the highlight of the current collection (a $245 necklace depicting a fly on a Corona cap) may be a bit superfluous, that’s the beautiful irony of it all, my friends. Plus, they get serious brownie points for having my favorite male model of all time as a supporter.

For more great ways to spend your hard-earned cash, check out my Style Radar collection on Oh That’s You.


Your DIY Halloween Guide, Week Four: Mime

I took a glance at my costumes of Halloween’s past and stumbled upon a picture from October 2010. The morning the photo was taken I received an invite to join in on some Halloween festivities in Santa Barbara, about four hours South of where I was attending college. The catch however, was that I had about twenty minutes to pack before we left town. A true, “make it work,” moment needed to happen or I’d be forced to cut some holes in a pillow case and call myself a ghost. It came close to that, but in true DIY spirit I took once last glance through my closet and spotted a black and white striped shirt. I’d like to say the lightbulb lit up at once, but in all honesty I originally thought jailbird. About two minutes of striped contemplation had past and then it hit me, “A mime”. Quickly, I grabbed my black shorts, slouchy hipster beanie (all the craze in 2010), some liquid liner and headed out the door. Looking back, it was one of my favorite costumes to date and can be chic-ly duplicated this October, which is why I chose the look for the fourth week of my DIY Halloween Guide series. Simply use my formula (stripes on top + black on bottom), and swap out the beanie for the hat of today, the ever-so-trendy bowler. You now have yourself an impossibly easy, all the while hip, Halloween costume. Mime on.

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Style Radar: Need Supply Co.
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If I could pick one store where I could literally own everything they had in stock, Need Supply Co. would be it. There’s this cool, nonchalance about it, all the way down to the tatted up models. The product is always refreshing, evoking but never overtly trendy. The prices are right too – affordable, but not cheap enough to make you question the quality of what will arrive in your mailbox. I’ve been shopping Need Supply for years, but actually decided to bring them up this week because I noticed that they recently underwent a gorgeous site redesign. The experience is just so serene for e-commerce, which is usually more of an in-your-face type of deal, don’t you think? Everything about shopping here is subtle and oddly calming – talk about retail therapy.

This is definitely a spot to scoop up some well-made essentials whether you’re looking for a go-to fall sweater, a solid ankle boot or your next signature piece of jewelry (this will be mine). For more Style Radar finds, head to my collection on Oh That’s You.

Dias de los Muertos, aka the Day of the Dead, is a Mexican holiday which remembers friends and family members who have passed on. Taking place the day after Halloween, celebrants in Mexico and other cultures around the world dress up in traditional garb and paint their faces with the holiday’s symbol, the skull. Of course, every culture celebrates differently, but the general idea is to honor the deceased.

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Style Radar: Yellow Plum
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Location, location, location may be the mantra when it comes to successful brick and mortar businesses, but it’s all about curation, curation, curation online. I don’t want to sift through hundreds of pairs of clunky clogs and cheap sneaks to find a pair of solid shoes. I’d rather have less options that are all shining selections . Make my decision difficult, I dare you!

That’s just what Yellow Plum has done, with a tightly-edited e-shop that feels more like a boutique than a website. Only stocking shoes and jewelry, it’s the place to find the right finishing touch for an outfit or your go-to accessory of the season. Filled with the likes of Vince Camuto and Dolce Vita as well as a handful of under the radar jewelry brands, this is the place to come if you’re looking for both the reliable and the rebel. For more, head to my collection of favorites from Yellow Plum as well as all of my previous Style Radar picks on Oh That’s You.


Style Radar: Melie Bianco
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Moderately priced handbags that are cool, of quality, but avoid becoming trendy to a point of irritating ubiquity are not easy to come by. It’s like you either need to drop a few benjamins on a PS1 or head to H&M for a $20 thrill. Where’s my middle ground?

Well, it’s funny you ask because it’s actually just a click away over at Melie Bianco, a California-based handbag company that makes some seriously covetable carryalls.

The bulk of the product on the e-shop seems to range from the $50 – $100 mark (which is fine by me!). There’s a tight selection, but they manage to cover all fields from little statement cross-bodies to classic structured totes for us city girls on the go. Plus, I have major respect for a small company that gets tons of coverage (there are literally thirty pages of clips in their press section) but still manages to stay close to its roots without going to big too soon.

Are you obsessed with Melie Bianco yet? (I know I am.) For more up-and-comer coverage in fashion, beauty and accessories check out my “Style Radar” collection on Oh That’s You!



Style Radar: Your Next Jewelry Obsession


Style Radar: Gentry
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How can I tell if a piece of jewelry is of quality? If it lasts on this reckless girl for over a week. (I swear I’m cursed. It’s like every bauble I buy breaks within 7 days or less.) So you can imagine my surprise (and satisfaction!) after wearing a necklace from the newest jewelry e-tailer in town, Gentry, for over a month now without it suffering from even the tiniest scratch. And, it was only $30.

Jewelry is an ample accessory available on the Internet these days (Forever 21 practically hands out bracelets at a little over $1). It’s a saturated market, so when you find that middle ground in a product that actually lasts for more than three wears without instantly shattering and doesn’t drain your entire bank account with one purchase, you’ve hit solid gold. Gentry may be extremely affordable (almost everything on the site is under $50) but it’s also a small company that genuinely seems to care about bringing something awesome to the fashion masses. I even received a personalized, handwritten note thanking me for my purchase when I ordered that necklace.

The collections are well-edited and less overwhelming to sift through than say, the crazed jewelry overload experience that is shopping on a Bauble Bar (love you guys, but seriously, take it easy!). Right now, there are a lot of understated, simple pieces like these skull cuffs (yes, the skull obsession continues) or solid statement pieces with pops of color like this aqua encrusted bracelet. Take a look for yourself and tell me which pieces you’re lusting after in the comments!

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