Best Beauty Gift Sets for Giving

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When it comes to last minute shopping, my go-to gifts are almost always beauty related. Whether it’s stocking stuffers for mom or that secret santa you just can’t crack, a pretty little box o’ beauty is enough to make any girl swoon. Make no mistake – one size does not fit all. Would you dare give your au natural sister a set of artificial skincare products? I think not. The good news is that during the holiday season our favorite brands really lay on the loot, most offering stellar deals & discounts. The bad news? All those gift sets can be a real pain to weed through. I’ve pulled my favorite into one collection, as has fellow OTY Expert Heather. Don’t forget to check out what our community members are quick to pick when it comes to gifting. Read of for a taste of the magic.

1. For the Flower Child: Claudalie Divine Oil Set
If the aforementioned crunch rang any bells, try grabbing this gift set from Claudalie. The company prides itself on creating a natural and environmentally friendly product, and for each Divine Oil that is purchased a tree is planted in the Amazon.

2. For the Lipstick Lover: Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar
Beauty blogs are a buzz with this infamous product. Combining the “longevity of a lipstick with the easy application of a gloss,” this Lip Tar gift set is not for the faint of heart.

3. For the Beauty Beginner: Sephora Prestige Luxe Brush Set
If you’ve got a buddy who just needs to go back to basics, surprise her with this excellent brush set – it’s amazing what a great set of bristles will do. It’s pricey, so reserve this pretty prez for those you truly adore.

4. For the Hard Worker: L’Occitane Hand Cream Bouquet
Winter can be tough, and it’s even tougher on our hands. I never leave the house without (at least) one tube of hand lotion. Gift this yummy set of mini hand creams (in scents like almond, mango and rose petal) to keep her running smoothly.

5. For the Nail Art Enthusiast: Sephora by OPI Tinsel Town Collector’s Set
You know that friend whose nails are always polished to perfection? Well I bet she’d swoon over these dazzling shades from Sephora by OPI, packaged in miniature bottles that help avoid the dreaded dry-out. Conveniently, OTY is giving this set away in our holiday nail art contest, so shoot us an entry and you just might win it for free.



Expert Corner: Holiday Gift Guides Galore

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This year, our experts have everyone covered on your shopping list – literally. From the foodie to the fashionista and even that confused artist friend of yours, there’s a gift to be found for everybody in their collections. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Under $10 Stocking Stuffers: Curated by our London-based expert, Heather, these are some great last-minute gifts to grab that won’t empty your wallet.

2. For The Travel GirlYou know that jet-setting friend you envy oh so much? Even she deserves a cute little gadget for the holidays found by our global expert, Lilian (who definitely knows a thing or two about hopping planes, trains and automobiles).

3. For The Crafty Girl and DIY DecemberHave a pal who loves to roll up her sleeves and experiment with her creative side? Our resident beauty expert, Emily, shares the cute, crafty necessities of the season while Calli, or DIY guru, shows you how to make a gift or two yourself.

4. For the FashionistaThere’s no better personal shopper than our style expert, Rebecca, when it comes to scouring the best finds for that fashion-obsessed friend who just has to be sporting the latest it-items.

5. For the AdventurerHave an outdoorsy pal who’s into things like hiking, camping, nature, etc? Then definitely take a look at Emily’s gift guide for the adventurous at heart.

6. For the Foodie (Part 1 and Part 2): We’re so into food here at OTY that one collection just didn’t suffice. Both Rebecca and Heather have some seriously mouthwatering finds for the foodies in your life.

7. For the Confused Artist: I think everyone has at least one of these artsy friends and Jame’ hit the nail on the head when it comes to finding them the right presents for the holidays.

8. For the Homebody: Emily knows exactly what to get for those who just want to stay in, cuddle up and watch movies all weekend long. (And who doesn’t want to do that?)

9. For the Interior GuruFor that person with the enviably decorated home, impress them with these chic interior accessories found by Rebecca.

10. For the Beauty BabeHave a friend who loves to experiment with beauty? Heather has pulled together the best makeup sets on the market this year.

BONUS: Now that your shopping’s all set, you still need to wrap those presents! Check out Calli’s DIY December Gift Wrap collection on Oh That’s You for creative ways to package up your presents.



How We Beat the Holiday Beauty Blues

OTY Holiday Beauty
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It’s no secret that the holiday season takes a toll on our minds (helllllo relatives) and our bodies (helllllo Christmas cookies). If you’re a product junkie like me, you may find yourself digging through that suitcase you call a makeup bag in search of the few items that will keep you sane in the coming weeks. December comes chock full o’ cocktails and chaos, causing everything from under eye circles to a lack-luster complexion. Whether you’re suffering from flakey skin or stinging cuticles, there are a couple old standbys to help ease the pain. Personally, I’m not sure what I would do without Dr. Perricone’s Super Hyper Hydrator. This is the moisturizer to beat all moisturizers. Not only does it smell good enough to eat (coconut, anyone?), but what you’re smelling comes from naturally derived extracts and oils. And forget about greasy residue – after leaving its adorable glass jar, it sinks right into my skin never to be seen again.

So now that your skin is happy, how do we solve the aforementioned holiday dilemmas? Well, our OTY experts have gone on record with their most trusted products. I’ve also taken the liberty of assembling a little collection of the top ranking holiday-themed items from across the beauty board, incase you’re in need of some additional inspiration. Because, unlike the above image implies, it does not snow beauty products. But don’t worry – we’re working on it.

WWR: 11/24
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  • Who knew Google could be so poetic? Sho & Tell shares their latest search engine find.
  • Smitten Kitchen offers up the recipe for  a (nearly) guilt-free post-Thanksgiving salad.
  • …While Oh Joy insists we enjoy something a little more sinful.
  • Penny Pincher Fashion has taken a trip to Emerald City – and we’re right behind her.
  • The Glossarie lists her best beauty finds leading up to Cyber Monday.
  • The Senses Five rounds up Five Senses Friday with roasted strawberry cake and seemly perfect perfume.
  • Sacramento Street lists her four favorite way to stay comfortable without sacrificing style.
Liner Tools
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I invite you to take a look back at the fall 2012 collections (it’s been a while, I know). Model after model, you’ll notice some dominating beauty trends: Dramatic red lips, full brows, blunt bangs, extreme side parts, and graphic eyeliner. The latter of the list has this makeup enthusiast most intrigued. Eyeliner is one of my go-tos, right after a sweep of mascara, as it has the power to completely change a look. Between geometric shapes, double lines and cobalt blues, fall makeup artists have amped up their liners, practically transforming them into pieces of art. My eyelids can’t wait to play canvas, as yours should too. Read on to receive the how-to for this season’s linear lids and take a peek at my fall makeup collection for more beauty trends.


Face Oils for Every Complexion

Face Oils
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We’ve heard it time and time again- when it comes to beauty products, choose oil-free. For those of us dealing with acne, this was more of a requirement than a request. So when the market suddenly flooded with oils claiming to not only moisturize our skin, but unclog pores, reduce redness and increase collagen production – we had to wonder. Compared to creams and lotions, which often use wax to retain moisture and protect against the elements, oils help to naturally nourish your skin’s outer layer without preventing moisture absorption. With the popularity of these products steadily increasing, it’s about time we checked some of them out. Whether you’re suffering from an uneven complexion or the effects of aging, you’re bound to find an oil that suits your skin type. Don’t forget to check out my OTY collection to see what other oils made my list.
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WWR: 11.17
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  • Have you tried the L’oreal Professional Steam Pod? Hair Romance give us the impressive details on this gadget.
  • Kate Miss from For Me, For You breaks some news about her latest jewelry collection.
  • Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and this mixed nut tart from Bake or Break might be making the menu.
  • Design Love Fest gives us the list of her favorite winter accessories – we’re wild for those Kate Spade mittens.

Best Moisturizers for Your Body

Best Body Moisturizers
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I first told you about the best moisturizers for your face, and now it’s time to share my picks for the body. These rich creams will keep you feeling silky soft all winter long.
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Best Moisturizers
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During the summer, our skincare concerns were focused on sun protection and decreasing shine. Now that it is almost winter, we have to reconsider the products we relied on before and address new skin issues that come from bitter winds and cold temperatures. To combat winter’s frost, I’ve rounded up the best moisturizers on the market. Don’t assume that one cream suits all skin types. Like any good product, these not only hydrate but address other common skin problems as well. Want more moisturizing ideas? See my Oh That’s You moisturizer collection.
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