December has arrived! This month I’m focusing on my hometown, Long Beach, California and all of the wonders it has to offer. Located in Los Angeles County, Long Beach has grown over the years into a town full of adorable boutiques, seriously delicious restaurants and local markets filled with fresh produce. During December the town lights up from store front holiday displays to lit up christmas trees floating in the Alamitos Bay. All more the reason why I am happy to be home for the holidays this year!

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CalliperezSHOP: Francesca’s in Long Beach is one of my favorite boutiques in the area. Albeit a tiny shop, there are a plethora of jewelry, accessories and must have clothes packed in there. It is my go-to when I am looking to give any look that extra something.
CalliperezPARTAKE: The farmer’s market in Long Beach at Marine Stadium is every Sunday. I can walk there from my house, so I love to get some exercise and some fresh produce and treats each week’s end. It is always great to support local vendors.
CalliperezINSPIRED: Maybe it was my winter white nails this past week, but I have been playing the Beatles White album a lot lately, and will most likely carry the trend through all of December.
CalliperezThe White Album is definitely one of my all time favorite albums and deserves another listen or two this holiday month.
CalliperezWEAR: I put together this outfit for a holiday party. I love this idea of the modern LBD with killer accessories like a turban and burnt mustard colored shoes and jewels. Of course, a soft smoky eye and red nails to make the outfit POP.
CalliperezTASTE: Le Creperie is hands down my favorite restaurant in Long Beach. From their balsamic dressed salads to their garlic fries and french onion soup (with cheese overflowing the rim), to their savory crepes (French Riveria is my favorite)
Calliperezto their dessert crepes (nutella, berries, cream, oh my) and finally their decadent cappuccinos, Le Creperie never misses a beat.
Liner Tools
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I invite you to take a look back at the fall 2012 collections (it’s been a while, I know). Model after model, you’ll notice some dominating beauty trends: Dramatic red lips, full brows, blunt bangs, extreme side parts, and graphic eyeliner. The latter of the list has this makeup enthusiast most intrigued. Eyeliner is one of my go-tos, right after a sweep of mascara, as it has the power to completely change a look. Between geometric shapes, double lines and cobalt blues, fall makeup artists have amped up their liners, practically transforming them into pieces of art. My eyelids can’t wait to play canvas, as yours should too. Read on to receive the how-to for this season’s linear lids and take a peek at my fall makeup collection for more beauty trends.


DIY November: Painted Pumpkins

I love the holidays, starting with Thanksgiving. Then again, who wouldn’t swoon for a day consisting of great food, company, fall fashion and a chance to unleash your inner domestic goddess? This November, I will be searching high and low for Thanksgiving day inspiration to create the perfect decorations and recipes, for a chic and memorable turkey day. Keep an eye on my Thanksgiving collection this month, as I add pictures and DIY projects to it, starting with these painted pumpkins. I have been seeing fancy pumpkins all over the web lately and thought I would give them my own a shot, adding gold stems, chevron patterns and polka dots. Currently my creations are sitting pretty on my balcony, but as pumpkins come in many shapes and sizes, they can fit almost anywhere. So place them on your mantle, at your doorstep, or on the center of your Thanksgiving table. Happy pumpkin painting!
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This November, we’re starting a new tradition here at Oh That’s You to go along with the launch of our revamped site, of course. Taking advantage of our global presence (from New York to LA, London and Malaysia) our editors will be putting together their own local style guides at the start of each month including everything from where to shop, what to eat and how to stay inspired – all around the world. Today we’re kicking it off with our DIY expert and quintessential West Coast girl, Calli, as she tells us all about her hidden secrets in Long Beach.

And if you’re digging Calli’s vibe, be sure to keep up with her guide of all things California cool on OTY.

November Guide
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CalliperezSHOP: Blue Windows 5276 2nd Street, Long Beach
CalliperezThis boutique is one of my favorites. It sells a range of goods including home decor, jewelry (antique and new), clothing (mainly Free People), candles, cards and more. A lot of the items are created by local artists and designers.
CalliperezPARTAKE: Mumford and Sons at the Hollywood Bowl, Monday November 12 at 7 p.m.
CalliperezINSPIRED: Beautiful Ruins, by Jess Walter
I have been having trouble finding a good read lately and this book was a breath of fresh air.
CalliperezImpeccably written, this gem flashes back and foreword from 1962 on the Italian coast to present day Hollywood, California. The novel follows a variety of characters and tackles issues of love, life and cutthroat Hollwood.
CalliperezWear: For a night out in Los Angeles (dinner, dancing, catching a show, etc)
Check out my outfit collage:
CalliperezTASTE: Portolio Cafe, 4th Street, Long Beach
Best caprese panini in town. Pair it with their double cappuccino. delicious.

Halloween Nail Art

Happy almost Halloween guys and gals! To commemorate tomorrow’s festivities, we at Oh That’s You! thought a spooky nail tutorial would do just the trick (or treat). Whether you absolutely adore the holiday or would rather be caught dead than in costume, these nail art creations are for you as they add just the right hint of fun without going overboard.

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The final week of October is upon us, ladies and gents. This tenth month of the year flew by us quicker than I could say, “hocus pocus“. Although I am certain that a few of you made your costume debuts this past weekend, the month’s main event is not until Wednesday. And let’s face it, some of your costumes may not have survived the weekend. But don’t you fret, it is never too late to make a killer costume before Wednesday night. Which is why I saved my favorite costume (or costumes I should say) for last.

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Your DIY Halloween Guide, Week Four: Mime

I took a glance at my costumes of Halloween’s past and stumbled upon a picture from October 2010. The morning the photo was taken I received an invite to join in on some Halloween festivities in Santa Barbara, about four hours South of where I was attending college. The catch however, was that I had about twenty minutes to pack before we left town. A true, “make it work,” moment needed to happen or I’d be forced to cut some holes in a pillow case and call myself a ghost. It came close to that, but in true DIY spirit I took once last glance through my closet and spotted a black and white striped shirt. I’d like to say the lightbulb lit up at once, but in all honesty I originally thought jailbird. About two minutes of striped contemplation had past and then it hit me, “A mime”. Quickly, I grabbed my black shorts, slouchy hipster beanie (all the craze in 2010), some liquid liner and headed out the door. Looking back, it was one of my favorite costumes to date and can be chic-ly duplicated this October, which is why I chose the look for the fourth week of my DIY Halloween Guide series. Simply use my formula (stripes on top + black on bottom), and swap out the beanie for the hat of today, the ever-so-trendy bowler. You now have yourself an impossibly easy, all the while hip, Halloween costume. Mime on.

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Dias de los Muertos, aka the Day of the Dead, is a Mexican holiday which remembers friends and family members who have passed on. Taking place the day after Halloween, celebrants in Mexico and other cultures around the world dress up in traditional garb and paint their faces with the holiday’s symbol, the skull. Of course, every culture celebrates differently, but the general idea is to honor the deceased.

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Low and behold, there are less than 30 days until the 6th of November. And since 2012 is a presidential election year, we definitely have politics on our minds. Don’t worry though, we’re not going to push a political agenda, just a fashionable one. In honor of the United States’ 57th ballot race, we thought we would take a look at the most stylish power players this world has seen. Sorry fellas, looks like the ladies of politics have you beat in this poll. Whether standing by their husband’s side or ruling on their own, these women of history have illustrated what it means to be leader, all while exhibiting great style.

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There are a few things one has come to expect from a Wes Anderson film. The movie itself will be delightfully retro, the screen will display an array of Anderson’s signature bright hues (colors not quite true to real life), the soundtrack will be filled with indie melodies that belong in the 1970′s, and often there will be a young female character who wears entirely too much makeup, along with a permanent pout, creating a perfectly cool Halloween costume. Enter Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom.

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