December Expert Guides: ‘Tis the Season for Cupcakes & Culture in Atlanta

This time of year everything seems to be sprinkled with at least a touch of holiday magic. Whether you’re celebrating a religious festival or just enjoying some time off from work, ’tis the season to do those special things you don’t make time or space for during the rest of the year. Thingss like wearing red lame to the symphony!

Whether you’re an Atlanta resident or just passing through, here are a few tips on how to enjoy December in ATL. And don’t worry – not everything here is laden with jingle bells.

December Guide: Atlanta
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eightyjaneINSPIRED: Get into the holiday spirit with an Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Christmas performance.
eightyjaneWEAR: Christmas cocktails and holiday shindigs abound in December. Time to get out the red and sparkles! Top them off with winter white to keep ensembles fresh and festive.
eightyjaneSHOP: After 15 years of playing a leading role in Atlanta’s emerging art scene, Young Blood gallery is closing it’s doors. The final show, up through December, is comprised of prints from Instagram photos tagged #weloveatl. Take advantage of the boutique to do some holiday shopping before they close up shop for good.
eightyjaneTASTE: CamiCakes makes some of Atlanta’s best cupcakes. Their classic red velvet is delicious and adorable – a perfect contribution for holiday entertaining.
eightyjanePARTAKE: The Carlos museaum at Emory University is hosting an exhibit featuring ancient pottery and artifacts that depict shamanic traditions in pre-history cultures. It’s not your average holiday season outing, but an interesting one, nonetheless. You can always stop by the bookstore, too, to get a gift for history & archeology-lovers.
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