Style Radar: E-Shops Around the World (You Have to Check These Out!)

Let’s face it, the world isn’t getting any bigger – but the Internet is. Gone are the days of nervously awaiting a package for months on end, only to discover that what’s inside bears but the slightest resemblance to the photo from the website. E-shopping keeps getting more sophisticated and online boutiques are popping up left and right. Be warned, this phenomenon has put the credit cards of many a fashion-addict in extreme danger (I myself have been a victim of the 3 a.m. virtual buying binge). BUT, it has also led to tons of awesome discoveries, which have inspired me to start this very column. “Style Radar” is weekly roundup of up-and-comers on the web that you’ll most definitely need to know about before they go viral.

The entire globe seems to be catching on to the wonders of the World Wide Web. Within a matter of 5-7 business days, you can have your closet stocked with the trendiest garb from Singapore, Seoul, New Zealand and beyond. Although there still might be a few kinks to work out with the whole shopping from thousands of miles away thing, at this rate, by 2025 you’ll be able to order a dress from China and have it materialize in front of your eyes in moments (remember, I was the first to call it!) Read on for the four international e-shops that are on my style radar – you seriously have to check them out.

I practically died over The Editor’s Market when visiting Singapore last year. Mixing its in-house brand with cool labels like Cheap Monday and Surface to Air, the store was full of so many great fashion finds. But the real zinger was the “steep pricing” system, meaning the more you buy, the less each item costs. And guess what? This also applies to their e-boutique where friends are even encouraged to share shopping baskets in order to score the best deals (plus, payment and delivery are still separate). Shipping is also a steal at $3 per item when sent to the U.S.

It’s no secret that London houses some real trailblazers when it comes to high fashion (hello Chris Kane, Mary Katrantzou, etc., etc.). But I’m most impressed when a retailer can hit the marks on design and competitive pricing. May I introduce to you, Three Floor, a mind-blowing British e-boutique that will have you looking like a Vogue editorial for under two-hundred bucks. Yes, that’s what I just said. Read it again if you don’t believe me.

Zipia is like the Zara of Asia, except it’s half the price. The catch is that this South Korean e-tailer is technically a wholesaler, meaning you must make a minimum purchase of $300. But hey, I say round up a bunch of girls and you’ll be hitting that mark in no time (or just use it as an excuse for a wardrobe overhaul – $300 will get you far here). There are a few more hoops to jump through including a strict Pay-Pal or bank transfer only policy (no credit cards). My friends from Hong Kong and Singapore rave about this site, and trust me, from seeing the product firsthand it’s well-worth a little risk for the steals you’ll be getting.

New Zealand e-shop, White Box Boutique, stocks clothing for the Southern Hemisphere’s version of the laid-back Los Angeles surfer girl. Think lots of denim, cutoffs, loose tees and no-frills frocks. Housing labels like Insight and Something Else, White Box curates the perfect mix of eclectic cool for men and women without bombarding their shoppers with too much product. Shipping can get a little steep (about $40), but you can return items within fourteen days of receipt.

So what are you waiting for? Hop on that virtual jet and start shopping the world! Don’t forget to share your favorite finds from these e-shops on the OTY Style Exchange.

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