Style Radar: 5 Virtual Jewelry Finds for Under $100

Online jewelry shops are like bunny rabbits – they multiply by the minute. To write this post, I probably sifted through about twenty fantastic e-commerce sites (so you’re getting the best of the best – appreciate). I actually tend to to stray from making jewelry purchases myself because like the scatterbrained klutz I tend to be, things easily get lost and broken in my presence. (Especially dainty little pieces of metal that wrap around my neck or wrist…)

However, when the purchase is under $100 and also well-designed by an independent retailer, I can’t resist. I mean, can you? Here are the five jewelry finds on my style radar this week:

1. Cursive Design may be a tiny little web shop, but it packs a mighty punch. My favorite piece up there as of late is this doubledrop necklace. How genius is it to contrast that neon yellow, pink, and orange braided floss with an antique brass chain? It makes sense, considering the Chicago-based designer, Sarah Fox, is a master of jewelry juxtaposition. Did I mention everything’s handmade?

2. A girl can never have enough rings and Accentuality is the place to go if you’re in the market for a little adornment of the hands. The double-loop Mabel style comes in all sorts of lust-worthy colors – my fave being this coral hue. I love the idea of having a little flower garden sprouting up from my fingers, don’t you?

3. Skulls are like the new mustache when it comes to jewelry motifs. These earrings from Bing Bang are named the “memento mori” studs, which translates from Latin into, “remember your mortality,” a reminder I always appreciate in my accessories. This shop also gets bonus points for hailing from my hometown of NYC.

4. I’m all about mixing a little vintage into my jewelry routine, especially when the materials are apparently “rescued” from shuttered jewelry factories, as is the case with the Dirty Librarian line. This bracelet in particular features authentic charms from the 1970s. So who knows, maybe you’re carrying the spirit of some fabulous disco diva when you wear this piece.

5. Stacked rings have to be the main jewelry trend I’ve been feeling for summer. The ever-girly Brandy Pham has a great zigzag option on her site that comes in tons of icecream-reminiscant colors. It’s like Missoni for your fingers.

So which jewelry finds are you loving? Share your picks with me on the OTY Style Exchange.


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