Style Radar: 10 Bright and Brilliant Summer Buys

Welcome to round two of my Style Radar series, OTY readers. For those of you newbies, thanks for dropping by! And for all of my repeat readers, I always love to see your beautiful faces – which is such a funny joke because obviously I can’t see you through this Internet thing. Or maybe I can…

However, I digress from my creepiness slash failed attempt at humor. Let me stick to what I’m good at, which is scouring the Internet for awesome brands and designers who seem to be flying under the radar – for now. This week I’m all about grasping on to the latter half of summer by embracing the bright side of things. As usual, my general mental vibe has a strong effect on my weekly wardrobe cravings (that’s right, I don’t suffer from food cravings, I get clothing cravings). SO, as you can see, I’ve compiled a list below of the ten most colorful summer buys on my style radar:

1. When it comes to summer staples, neon is still happening. For a long-lasting version of the trend, my hearts-a-flutter for this Melie Bianco messenger at $79.
2. Looking to update the good old friendship bracelet with a little edge? I’m dying for the spiked Tiburon Bracelets over at Pretty Little Thing NYC. I admit, at $109 a pop they’re a little pricey, but these babies look like they’re a bit more durable than your typical floss wrap bracelet.
3. We all know style extends to the kitchen too. A special buy, these handmade vintage ikat bowls from Istanbul are $42 each at Harabu House. A great gift for a pal with a summer birthday…
4. Maybe it’s just because I have an infatuation with all things electric purple, but this tassel keychain by Morgan Parish would be the greatest way to update an old handbag, right? For $30, I’m thinking it’s not that bad of a deal considering the money saved on buying a whole new purse instead.
5. I love me a pair of statement sandals. Boutique 9 is always a reliable footwear brand with solid prices too (these are $79). Scoop them up over at Messes of Dresses.
6. So I kind of had a moment when I found this amazing striped caftan over at Rodebjer for $100. Talk about a versatile piece – I mean, I’m already picturing myself all chic on the beach and then going out to grab drinks in it later.
7. Wowza was my reaction to this lime-green frock from Petiole – a luxe, Made in New York silk brand. Yes, $315 is a lot to shovel out for a dress, but that hue is like a diamond in the rough when it comes to brights. Also, I bet the fabric is phenomenal, especially on a hot summer day.
8. Let’s not forget about necklaces, my friends. Lauren Elan has made a great, stackable version with silver accents for $60 each. I can see myself rocking, like, five of these with a killer white shift dress.
9. Upon discovering May 28th, I immediately took to Twitter to express my adoration for their taste the rainbow selection of watches. (Professing my love for awesome brands via Twitter is kind of a habit of mine.) Anyway, take a look at them here. And oh yeah, prices pretty much stay at the $39 point – score!
10. A two-for-one in scent and style with candles is always the best – you could definitely turn that tin into some sort of vase once you’re done with it. This also happens to be an astrology-themed candle for all you Leo’s out there. Order them at Kat Burki for $24.

Digging anything from my Style Radar this week? Tell me on the Oh That’s You Style Exchange – I want to know what you’re coveting the most!

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