Spring Nails: Birds, Dots, and Floral

ADAM inspired nails
Where would spring fashion be without a few floral ensembles? Naturally the Spring 2012 collections was full of them and this vibrant ADAM dress was among one of my favorites.

Step 1: Paint your nails cream.
Step 2: Using a ball point pen dip your nails in a bright color polish and dot in flower form on your nail.
Step 3: Repeat Step 2 with multiple vibrant color polishes.
Step 4: Define nails, by dotting them with a ballpoint pen dipped in black polish.
Step 5: Wait to dry completely before applying clear coat.


Nina Ricci inspired nails
Like flowers, playful polka dots always seem to pop up in spring collections. Nina Ricci took this dotty tradition and mixed it with another staple – pastels.

Step 1: Paint your nails the base color of choice.
Step 2: Dip a ball point pen into white polish.
Step 3: Place dots on nails. Try to disperse the dots in an equal pattern to make them look like a print.
Step 4: Wait to dry completely before applying your clear coat.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Inspired Nails
Birds were found everywhere in the Spring 2012 designer collections. This Marc by Marc Jacobs print dress provided the perfect nail art inspiration for a more sophisticated, abstract spin on the feathery creature.

Step 1: Paint your nails dark navy.
Step 2: Dip a ballpoint pen into hot pink polish and place two dots onto each nail, and dragging them down into the middle so they resemble a heart. It is an abstract version of the print, so no need to make it perfect.
Step 3: Dip the ballpoint pen in a seafoam green polish and place a dot where your heart connected.
Step 4: Dip the ballpoint pen into a red color (an orange red looks best). Drag a line around the base of the seafoam green dot.
Step 5: Wait for nails to dry completely before applying clear polish.

Runway photos via Harpar’s Bazaar, Elle, and Marie Claire

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