Cool vs. Warm: The Best Hair Color for You!

When it comes to changing your hair color, many women look Hollywood or the media for inspiration. You should also be focusing on the undertones of your skin, which will determine which hair colors will suit you the best and make the most of your features. By choosing a color that suits your undertones your skin tone will appear more radiant and your eyes will appear brighter.

Which are you?

You fall into the ‘cool’ category if….

You have medium skin to with, no color in your cheeks, a faint pink color or golden undertones; pale skin with no color in your cheeks or with pink undertones; and true olive complexions also fall into this category (such as Latino and African Americans skin tones that have pink undertones.)

You fall into the ‘warm’ category if….

You have pale skin with peach or gold undertones; and some olive skin tones fit into this category (such as Latino and African American skin tones that have golden undertones)

If you’re still unsure which category you fall into, roll up your sleeves and take a look at the color of your veins on your forearms, if they are blue you probably have cool skin undertones, and if they are green then you have warm undertones.

Now that you know, let’s have a look at which colors compliment your skin and which you should avoid.

If you have a cool skin undertone the best shades for you are:

  • Ash Blonde
  • Creamy Blondes
  • Sandy Blonde
  • Platinum Blonde Highlights, like Reese Witherspoon
  • Burgundy, like Anne Hathaway
  • Mahogany
  • Wine
  • Coffee Browns
  • Fawn
  • Mid- Level Blondes
  • Jet Black

Cool ladies should avoid golden, yellow, red or bronze tones.

Hollywoods Cool Ladies.

If you have a warm skin undertone the best shades for you are:

  • Warn Chocolate Browns, like Leona Lewis
  • Dark Browns
  • Red
  • Honey Blonde
  • Golden Mid Level Blonde
  • Copper
  • Caramel Blonde
  • Mahogany
  • Strawberry Blonde
  • Ginger
  • Orange-based Reds, like Nicole Kidman
  • Dark Browns with a hint of Rust

Warm ladies should avoid blue, violet, white and jet-black hair tones.

Hollywood’s Warm Ladies.

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