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Six Inches to Shoe Heaven
I'm a major shoe addict, the higher the heel the better so this collection is ...
9 - 5
Work wear doesn't just have to be black and white. This collection with show ...
sonja' stretch cotton fit & flare dress
Bags of Style
Forget diamonds. It's all about a stylish bag.
Party People
No matter what the event, no matter what the occasion this collection is here ...
Keeping it Casual
This collection main purpose is to inspire you when it comes to your everyday ...
We Are Handsome
Spellbinding Works of Art & halcyonic, Sun Drenched Days of Old
Graphic Nails
Simple DIY Nail Art
Best Beauty Tutorials
My ongoing pursuit to find the most informative and helpful beauty tutorials ...
See her video tutorial below
Floral Print Nails
DIY Nail Art